Finally some normality

Well guys, finally some normality is settling into my life again.

Although I still have 10 people in town that I have to look after – one of them is an old time friend of mine who is a legend but they are a bit older so they are kewl for me to look after them during the day but no partying (unlike last week when I was waking up hung over 8 days in a row). I’m kinda happy that they aren’t partying as I’ve got tonnes of work and sleep to catch up on (although it is now well after midnight when I post this).

This group of people are pretty kewl – unlike most of my friends money isn’t a problem for these guys (they aren’t rich or anything but they have good jobs back in Oz) so if we drop into the pub they are happy to buy me a few rounds which is kinda nice. Although I hate not buying my share – but knowing this it is a good this like today when I lost my wallet (I lost it inside my own front door). These guys/gals aren’t that high a standard of riding and I’ve really really tried to be humble – ie not showing off. Kinda felt rude today when the new girlfriend of my old buddy asked me if I could hit this HUGE BOOTER. To any of my own mates I’d tell them “Who do you think I am? I could hit that booter in my sleep.” But I really am trying to be the nice humble guy (which is something that I’ve been trying to work on these days).

Well I’m getting tired now – I suppose I should give a theory on things here but I reckon I’ll leave it to everyone else here. This is definitely the most thoughtful post on this board. I would love to hear your thoughts – nothing negative though – keep things positive guys.

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4 comments on “Finally some normality
  1. zigfest says:

    what the fuck’s a BOOTER? are you talkin’ snowboarding? i ain’t never done that…

  2. Administrator says:

    Yeah a booter is a big jump in snowboarding. Often in those comps on TV the last jump is the biggest and referred to by the knob commentators as the ‘Money Booter’.

  3. zigfest says:

    Money Booter–money shot!?! There’s a porn storyline in there somewhere. 🙂 Thanks for the explain…

  4. zigfest says:

    btw, I like the way you write: it’s brash, open and unapologetic. although barebones in language, sometimes, your posts are quite vibrant and energetic. (snowboardin’ and gaggin’ for speedos–that’ll do it!!! :p)

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