The final chapter.

Friday 22nd April
OK this post will finish this story. I promise!!! When I got the idea of this blog I was hoping it would be a diary of sorts of some of my sexual exploits and a place for people to give me pointers on some of the challenges life throws at me. This is my first ‘naughty’ expierence that I have shared on this blog and I only hope the ones in the future don’t involve this much typing.

So now after dumping my load in Lauren, Brad has just finished dumping his load in Lauren’s mouth and the three of us are sitting in a steam room at about 11pm on a Monday night.

I had only just sat down and Brad says to me “That was wicked – your turn Dave.� With that Brad jumped up off the seat and took position between my legs. Lauren slid over beside me and literally grabbed my head and started kissing me – I could taste the reminents of Brad’s cum in her mouth.

It has been 12 months since I last really kissed a girl. Definitely more ‘delicate’ than kissing a guy but it still got me going. As Lauren kissed me Brad pulled my now rock solid cock out the side of my Portsea AussieBums and started sucking on it.

WOW!!! Chicks might be just as nice to kiss as guys but guys definitely know how to suck cock. Brad wasted none of the time that I did and started fingering my arse. I wanted to look down but Lauren wasn’t going to let that happen as he had me in a vice-grip as our tongues wrestled.

I lasted probably 4 minutes this time (must be a record for a second cumming – and don’t forget how much I had drunk too). As I came I had to break Lauren’s kiss and one cannot even begin to imagine how fantastic it felt.

Brad tucked me back my Portsea AussieBums and slid up between my legs and began to kiss me.

WHAT THE???? Brad – a guy that I had been living with for 5 months – I had no idea!!! The kiss didn’t last long but I got my second taste of cum for the evening (Brad’s cum via Lauren’s mouth being my first taste). Brad then moved over to Lauren telling her she needed a taste of some ‘Dave Juice’.

This time I was absolutely spent!!! Withing 20 seconds of cumming the tiredness and the alcohol caught up on me. But the night wasn’t done just yet. Lauren broke off her kiss with Brad and announced “My turn boys. Now Dave lie down on the floor.�

With a few more specific directions I laid down on the floor – not quite sure what the position was going to be. Lauren had things all figured out though. As I lay on the floor she positioned herself (her pussy actually) over my face and her head was then inline with Brad’s cock. She pulled her bikini to the side and lowered her shaved pussy to my face.

Now eating pussy is definitely not one of my favourite things but since I had just received a blow job from her boyfriend I thought I should play along. Being shaved the smell wasn’t that bad although I did get her ooz all down my chin which they both thought was pretty funny when all was done.

I couldn’t see what Lauren was doing to do Brad but my guess is that she was sucking him off at the same time that I was eating her out. I think Lauren came 2 or maybe 3 times but she kept sucking until Brad came a second time.

And that was pretty much the end of the evening. We jumped into the pool to clean up and far out Brad looks awesome in his black speedos. I left the pool first and told them I would head out on the town – as we were staying in the same unit I thought it would have been a bit awkward going back to the room.

And that was it!!! My first sexual experience that I have shared on this board. The next day I drove back up to the ski resort and Lauren and Brad flew on to London where they are going to be working for the next who knows number of years. The next morning everyone was kewl and we all thought it was a phenomenal night. Lauren told me that she thought I would be in for it as she had seen The Site. All was kewl and I’ll definitely keep in touch with them.

And that is it, Back to the boring stuff now I suppose.

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5 comments on “The final chapter.
  1. Steve says:

    That was some good readin. Anyway im new i just happened to stumble across the site
    and i kinda like it. I remember reading you said you were more on the gay side of Bi,
    which i guess makes me your opposite since im more on the str8 side of Bi (i havent actually done anything with a guy yet but am plenty curious). Anyway my GF has this Bi friend who is like you more on the gay
    side of Bi, and weve been thinking about having a 3 way with him, and we know hes oopen to
    the idea and im more than willing to try anything at least once (were very open people
    if you hadnt guessed that already) so i guess im just asking …. any advice??

  2. Dave Evans says:

    Steve – I think you should definitely go for it!!! 2 guys naked is always awesome!!! Be sure to involve speedos though.

    Drop me an email “davespeedoevans at hotmail dot com” – I’d love to hear about it if you go ahead.

  3. Jack says:

    In my limited experience aand in the same situation
    I surrly would have devoured his cock and fingered his man hole
    until it was well lubed and go for it,it would fulfill my fantasy,
    as well i would love to experience having my boy pussy fucked.

  4. nico says:


    I am a str8 guy, but you really gave me a hell of hard-on.

  5. con says:

    oh you are amazing

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