From semi erect to rock hard.

For a good hour we just sat in the hottub talking – nothing too naughty but the topic of how much all three of us loved speedos did come up once or twice.

Julie was flirting with Will the whole time and he was loving ever bit of it. And I knew how horny Will was getting (with the occasional underwater rub of the front of his speedos – hehehe).

The bathroom was inside the building a short walk from the hot tub. Julie was the first to break for the bathroom. Will watched her walk towards the bathroom in her black bikini. Once Julie was out of sight I moved over to Will and started rubbing his cock through his speedos. Will was already semi hard and I told him he should go and escort Julie from the bathroom back to the hottub – with a wink.

Will was out of that hottub before I finished winking at him – and his speedo clad arse looked just amazing in the dim light.

There was a glass door leading into where the bathroom is. Will stood inside this small area in the full light and I admired his swimmers frame and his black speedos. In the room Will was in was a hand basin. I’m sure Julie would have heard him open the door and enter and when she came out from the cubicle she sat up on the hand basin pulling Will between her legs and began kissing him.

It was hot to see a guy wearing speedos making out with a hot blonde chick wearing a rather skimpy bikini. After a minute or so Julie broke off the kiss and hopped down from the hand basin. Walking out the glass door that had just given me the amazing view I had seen. Will followed Julie like a lap dog and his semi erection which I had felt in the hot tub before he got out was no longer semi but fully erect.

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2 comments on “From semi erect to rock hard.
  1. Big Jay says:

    I will check for the story to continue, the suspense is killing me. You always have fantastic experiences in hottubs.

  2. Jamie says:

    I am a 19 year old London lad geting used to Aussie life. I bought myself a pair of blue AussieBum speedos but my problem is my cock is 6 inches soft and 9 hard, which at home in boardshorts meant nothing but here people stare. Do I stick with Speedos or go to boardies? The worst part about speedos, if you do get hard, what do you do?

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