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I’m just about to head off to the pool for some laps with Alex.  I didn’t see him over the weekend but we went for a swim on Monday and he is definitely more chirpy after we had a chat about things on Friday.  Might also be that Alex’s protein levels were low and I helped him out with that – hehehe.

After those horrible speedos last week – (the baby vomit coloured AussieBums), I thought I’d post some fun speedos.

Looks like a few companies lately have been releasing these graffiti/fun speedos which I think is great and hopefully it will get more guys wearing them.  In my current speedo collection I don’t have any fun speedos – I have speedos that I can swim laps in or I have speedos that are only appropriate for the bedroom.  I think I should look into getting some.

I’m not sure who makes those speedos in the first photo, the 2nd photo is a pair of Turbo’s which I really like – they are about $40 and the bottom ones are from 2wink which is an Aussie company but they are $50!!!!  I don’t know about you guys but $50 is getting a little expensive for a pair of speedos.

Which ones would you choose?


Tough Guy in SpeedosFun SpeedosGraffiti Speedos2wink Graffiti Speedo

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7 comments on “Fun speedos
  1. Pete25 says:

    I’ll make a deal with you Dave. You can have the speedos and I’ll take what’s in them. Fair???

  2. Dave Evans says:

    There should be enough to go around Pete.

    Some great models!!!

  3. electric2010 says:

    I like the first suit, but the 2nd & 3rd models wold suit me.

  4. Darren says:

    Missed a few days of reading Dave’s blog, but I am back and agree that all the guys are hot, but the last guy is for me, just getting his shorts off so it would not take too long to remove his speedos. You will have to share them with me as well Pete25.

  5. Pete25 says:

    Have to agree with you Darren. The last guy is a treasure. Maybe Thursday for a chat.

  6. Spear says:

    Once I got these suits off these guys, I’d be doing laps in all of these “trophy” suits. I don’t have suits for laps only. I’d be wearing these knowing how I got them.

  7. k1speedo says:

    I agree electric2010 I like the first suit the best but prefer the 2nd and 3rd models. They all look like fun but not sure I would wear any in public.

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