Gay Cruise Ship

The other night at dinner someone was talking about how they are going on a cruise.  It might be the American crowd I’m hanging out with but turns out I was the only one there not to have been on a cruise.

The funniest was one of the girls had been on a “Walking Dead” cruise where they had some of the cast and crew on board and they had Q&A’s and dress up nights.  Her entire family love the TV show so went as a family.  That is pretty weird but whatever floats your boat.

I do remember reading on a blog years ago about a gay cruise and that sounds much more like my speed.  From his description it sounded like one hell of a fuck fest and lots of guys in speedos.  I think I’d fit into that much better than the Walking Dead cruise.  Have any of you guys been on a gay cruise?

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One comment on “Gay Cruise Ship
  1. Tim says:

    Hey, Dave,

    I’ve done six Atlantis cruises on the Mediterranean. They are pretty raunchy! Lots of sex, lots of fun, and you can take it at whatever pace you want.

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