Girls who like speedos

After posting a pic last week of 2 guys and a girl (both guys were wearing speedos) I received a comment from Tim who writes Terminally Single.  Tim sent me through a stack of fotos along this line of thinking and I think they are really hot!!!

Definitely goes to show that some girls do like guys who wear speedos – probably helps that all of the guys in these pics are hot.

Girls like speedos

Girls love speedos

Speedos at the beach

Str8 guy wearing a red speedo

My boyfriend wears speedos.

My boyfriends speedo

Boys wearing a speedo

Two girls one guy

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

7 comments on “Girls who like speedos
  1. Jay says:

    Those are hot pics! Love this site man.

    Keep it up!

    All the way from NZ

  2. Hey Buddy
    Glad you got the pics and like them, Anytime I get new ones I will send them your way!



    That guy wearing the black speedo and sunglasses is so hot. Can you
    please give me his number…..ONLY JOKING!

    Oh .! Dave your site is just so cool. You are so lucky to travel the
    world and live your dream. Im thinking of hooking up with a really
    hot guy mid year. He’s so hot I might pay for him lol. He used to
    work as an escort , but we have become friends and I am trying
    to get him to stay with me for a week while the house is empty.
    Im gonna buy him speedos, show him your site and convince him
    to let me post a few shots of him here. If you are interested, please let me know!


  4. Dave Evans says:


    He is very cute indeed and if I had his fone number then I’d be happy to share it with you…. once I’m finished with him.

    My favourite is the 2 guys and 4 girls – the beach to me looks like Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays. My guess is a bunch of tourists and the boys thought it would be fun to wear speedos as a joke.

    Lets just hope those 2 guys have Norwegian accents or something – even an American accent would be hot on those 2.




    Yep they are hot Dave! (Maybe it’s because you love your black speedos
    with the yellow writing! I know you are fond of that style!)

    I just love that guy with the two girls and white rimmed sunnies.
    His chest is smooth and not too muscular…..just right. His cock is
    well proportioned in his snuggly fitting black speedo. Just waiting to be
    licked, sucked and blown. His chest would feel so nice and good
    to lick. Yum. Please share him with me DAVE LOL!

  6. nick says:

    I love your site, and your stories! BUT, I really really loved these pics with the the girls in bikinis and guys in speedos! They are REALLY sexy!! I search the internet for them, but they are very hard to come by, if you have more, could you post them?
    Thanks pal, -NICK

  7. Alan says:

    hi iam a single man looking for friendship my favourite are muzike and play football …..

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