Great afternoon!!!

Hey guys – well I am having a bloody great day!!! Perhaps one of my best days this season!!!

Big call I know but today I had my first ever slalom (I think that is how you spell it but it doesn’t look right). On a snowboard against like 50 skiers and there was one other snowboarder.

Well us snowboarders kicked arse!!! It is on handicap but even though we both kicked arse and being my first ever official race I kicked arse big time. And the chick who was on a board was some Euro chick and she had done it before and nailed them skiers.

We had drinks back in town afterwards which Andrea (the snowboarder chick) and I took the charge and made a party out of it – ow yeah!!!

So I’m back at home now and I’m ripped – absolutely pissed off my nut!!! So instead of going to bed and waking up with a hangover I’m going to do some work and sort out some pics.

Talk more tomorrow guys – no matter how bad life ever gets I wanna remember times like right now – everything feels good!!!!!

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