Guess who just masturbated in an aeroplane…

Well guys I’m sitting at LA airport waiting for another connection.  I’ve been on the go now for 24hrs and I got a little bit of sleep on the plane so I’m not feeling too bad.

I had great seats on the flight over – 3rd back row in the middle with nobody on either side.  Which is why I thought I should post this ASAP and let you guys know that I did have a wank during the flight.

I was stretched out and trying to sleep and I was thinking about Kip and what we might get up to over the next 2 weeks.  As usual I got horny (it doesn’t take much) so I went to the bathroom, took off my jeans (I am wearing a pair of black aussiebums) and proceeded to stroke myself.

It isn’t qualification for the mile high club and it would have been far naughtier if there was someone else to be stroking my cock (with their mouth).

Have any of you guys done this before?

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7 comments on “Guess who just masturbated in an aeroplane…
  1. Speedo Dan says:

    Hey Dave!

    I haven’t had sex in a plane before but I have masturbated quite a few times… while wearing speedo’s obviously!

    Having sex would be great though…

    Best Wishes,

    Speedo Dan!

  2. Dave Evans says:


    Speedos and masturbation do go hand in hand – hahaha.

    A lot of the male hostesses (I’m sure that isn’t how you say that but I’m sure you guys know what I mean) are gay. I wonder if any of them have done it in the air – I’m sure they have.


  3. SpeedoErik says:

    on long flights…have masturbated in the lav..and that does count
    as mile high..

    and, on a flight back from tokyo..had fun with my seatmate…
    under a blanket when most were asleep…

    ahhhh…fun times.

    Speedo Erik

  4. Dave Evans says:


    Interesting to hear that wanking on a plane counts as entry to the Mile High club.

    Did you know your seatmate when you guys were playing under the blanket? One of my str8 buddies got a handjob on a flight to Canada last year from this chick who was sitting next to him (he didn’t know her before the flight). I think I would be game enuf to do that for sure.


  5. SpeedoErik says:

    No, I did not know the guy before the flight…United happened
    to put us next to each other…over dinner we got to talking
    about sex and we shared some hot stories.

    When most were asleep on the plane, I felt him reach under my blanket
    — I didn’t expect that — he unzipped me and the rest is history!

    I travel a lot for business and have a lot of stories from guys
    showing their bits and about mile high activity….one of the joys of travel!


  6. Anonymous says:

    If Any Gay Guys In Ellensberg Who Seen Me Run Barefoot And Shirtless And Are Speedos And Lift Weights Lets Hook Up

  7. asianGUY says:

    I did masturbate once in an airplane. . . same thing, got horny,
    so I did stroke my pole. . . One of my friends got blowjob from a
    flight steward in a flight, the guy just sat beside him and began
    touching his legs and crotch, then they went to the toilet. . .
    he told me they had a hard time ’cause the space was awfully small

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