Have you seen the new AussieBum square cuts?

Hey hey – finally I’ve got a complete day at home here with no interruptions. I don’t think this has happened in the last 2 weeks.

Definitely a crazy month and I’ve been drinking Scotch by the barrel full so I’m not waking up all that fresh. I actually don’t think I’ve had a sleep in now for about 18 days – probably a record for me.

Well this morning I was checking out the AussieBum site and there is a new square cut thing coming – I’ve never worn a square cut.

AussieBum Square Cut speedo.

I think they look pretty hot myself so next week when I finish paying off all my debts I’m going to get some I reckon.

Ow – and later today I am going to post the most important link I’ve ever posted here – it is awesome!!! Just think…. free gay movie downloads. Something that I’m working on now but I’ll have it finished later today for sure.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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