He shoots….. HE SCORES!!!

Ow yeah baby!!!

I’m up pretty early for this morning after a huge night last night.

OK firstly let me set the scene and update anyone who hasn’t been reading the blog for the last couple of months. I’m new in town and one of the few people I knew before I moved to town was Jeff. Jeff is totally str8 and he ain’t all that hot anyways. So Jeff has a few friends in town and there is a bit of a group that do some hiking and snowboarding etc.. In this group there is this ‘swinging couple’ as they have been referred to. The swinging couple are Nikki and Matt. Nikki is Canadian and runs the kids ski school and Matt is a Kiwi. About a month ago Nikki introduced me to Sandra – Sandra goes to uni in the big smoke (about 1 and a half hrs from here) and we hooked up. She is kinda cute and I was pretty drunk – definitely prefer playing with Adam though but hey – I’ll take what I can get. Before last night though, I did think that Nikki was pretty open minded (remember she did beg me to fuck her up the arse).

Well I see the ‘swinging couple’ around town couple of times a week but I’ve never had a chance to let it known that I’d love to play with Matt. But I haven’t seen Sandra since that first night although she does email me every now and then.

OK so there are introductions of who everyone is. So last night there was a BBQ at Jeff’s place. Sandra was there and kinda attached herself to me (which was OK because I’m not ‘out’ to any of the people there and there weren’t any gay guys there). The bisexual couple were there – and Sandra was staying at their place. Usual party – mostly couples so just sitting around the bon-fire drinking copius amounts and talking about the snow that is kinda here but kinda not.

As the night moves on the drinking continues and I’m feeling very nice!!! You have to drink because it was about -5 last night so purely for body warmth of course – :). Towards the end of the night I get talking with Nikki and Matt just normal boring stuff. Every chance Sandra gets (ie the hallway leading towards the bathroom) she jumps me, kissing and then rubbing me until I’m nearly rock hard and then rejoining the party – lucky for me I was wearing my Portsea Aussiebums so they hit my boner when I had to return to the party.

So the night starts ending up and Sandra tells me that I’m going home with her (sweet – might get a cooked breakfast out of it). And Adam has been away for a week and I’ve drunk a lot so I’m even happy to root a girl by this stage. Taxi back to Nikki and Matt’s and more drinking!!! I hadn’t been to their house before so got the grand tour – couldn’t help but think of the fun they get upto when I was shown their bedroom. Then the good bit came – they have a spa (or a hot tub as some call it). With drinks in hand the spa was proposed and was accepted as a good idea unanimously. What surprised me though was that everyone just started stripping down. Nikki and Sandra were the first undressed down to these tiny little g-strings. I started getting undressed and I looked up to see Matt getting into the spa in a pair of black speedos!!!!!!!!! I was starting to wonder how I’d explain wearing my Aussiebums on a winters night but no problems now. I jumped in the spa with them still on. But the mood had definitely changed.

The girls were giggling and playing around – then Nikki asks me if I’ve ever seen two girls kiss. I actually hadn’t. So the girls started kissing. I do have to admit it was kinda hot as their breasts were mushed together. Then Matt says to me “Well they’ve both kissed maybe we should return the favour – you OK with that Dave?” OW YEAH BABY!!!! Trying to hide my enthusiasm without saying a word I moved over to Matt and started kissing him – it was no grandma kiss either.

With that our drinks were all empty and Matt got up out of the hot tub to refill. His cock was at full mast and in those tiny black speedos he couldn’t hide it even if he wanted to. The girls were still giggling and Sandra moved over to my side (the boys side) of the spa and gave me a kiss giving Nikki a nice view of her g-string covered pussy from behind. Matt returned and Sandra returned to her place next to Nikki. Matt handed around the drinks and put down a handful on condoms saying “I think we might be needing these.” Matt also caught be enjoying the view of his hard cock fighting against the lycra of his speedos. Once back in the spa he said to me “Sandra told us that you liked speedos.” By now the girls were back and kissing each other (which was definitely good because I think Matt and I needed some time to explore). By now things were definitely on so my reply to Matt was “Did Sandra tell you how much I love sucking cock?”

“She didn’t mention that, but perhaps you can show me Dave.” With that Matt sat up on the side of the spa and pull the front of his speedos down to reveal his shaved cock that was fully hard. He had a average sized cock pretty similar to mine and was cut. The girls had broken off their kiss and I could feel their eyes I worked my mouth down Matt’s cock for the first time.

I worked 2 fingers in Matt’s arse and concentrated on sucking and stroking him at the same time. It wasn’t long before he dumped his warm cum in my mouth. I took it all which Nikki noticed I’m sure – hehehe. As Matt sat back in the water the girls had copied our position with Sandra sitting on the side of the pool and Nikki eating her out. I was rock hard by now and with Matt’s wandering hand my Aussiebums had been undone.

“Sandra also mentioned that you love fucking arse?” With that the only response was for me to grab a rubber. Matt lent out the spa and I was surprised I could get inside him so easily without extra lube – I’m guessing that Matt had taken it up the arse before. With the alcohol I lasted longer than I should have but still there was only maybe 20 or 30 strokes and I was cumming as I slapped Matt’s arse.

And that was pretty much it for the night – the girls got each other off and it was about 2am so like zombies we all headed to bed. Nikki and Matt had to work early today so were gone before Sandra and I woke up. I told Sandra that I had some work to do today and said my goodbyes – she had an awesome night and so did I. I’m really looking forward to catching up with Matt again and I’m sure this will become a regular thing!!! I am just thinking though – Matt, Adam and myself all in speedos in the hot tub. Hmmmmmm – time for a wank I think.

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5 comments on “He shoots….. HE SCORES!!!
  1. lou says:

    YEAA-AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! good shit buddy! I just found your blog man and I’m lovin it, nice one for fri night eh 😉

  2. didi says:

    nice blog but i wait for cute pics 🙂

  3. Boston Kenn says:

    Love your blog! Can’t wait to see some pics of you dude. Please????????????

  4. David says:

    WOW. Nice reading…I wanna read more. Teh first time I´m on your blogg…great!!!

  5. Rico says:

    Sounds like a good night Dave!!

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