How many people have you had sex with, at once?

Kip has really been buzzing since last weeks ‘Speedo Sex Club’ meeting (click here to read that post).

At the end of the night we tied Kip to the couch so he was bending over it.  We lubed him up and then all 7 of us took turns fucking him over about 20 minutes.  I think 3 of us came again since it was the end of the evening and we had all cum multiple times already.

Kip has spoken about it since saying how mind blowing it was to be used by that many guys.

So how many guys have you had sex with at once?

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4 comments on “How many people have you had sex with, at once?
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    The most I’ve had was a foursome: on one occasion, two guys and a girl and myself, and then on another, one guy and two girls and myself. There didn’t get to be as much guy-on-guy action as I had hoped in either of those situations, though…

    The very best sex I’ve ever had was a threesome with myself, a guy and a girl. (No speedos involved, alas, though they thought my underwear was the most interesting of the three!) I wish I could have more like that, but it hasn’t worked out, alas…

  2. DeepKisser says:

    I have not been as lucky as Dr. Phil. I did have sex with 2 guys twice. I normally top, but I was in the middle of two well hung guys who are a couple. They enjoyed it, and I was pretty much always kept busy or I guess full better describes the times. They had a hot tub and I brought my speedo, but I never got it on.

  3. Dave Evans says:

    What a lucky girl in that first scenario – 3 guys servicing her!!!

  4. speedolover says:

    Once I had four tops fucking me for 30-40 minutes…It was awesome! But we didn´t have have speedos on.

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