I have arrived in Mexico

Just walked in the door guys and I’m testing the internet so just a short post. The house is amazing!!!! It has 3 main bedrooms and absolutely not what I expected for the price that I paid – this is the Fairmont and I paid for the local backpackers.

The pool looks awesome and I’m going for a swim right now. The other couple of the trip Sascha and Ian are from Calgary and are both around 26yo and seem like they should be some fun.

I did bring a pair of board shorts which are a bit loose on me (yes I have lost some weight in the last couple of months) so I think I’ll wearing my speedos underneath today and let everyone know I’m wearing speedos underneath before going speedo only.

Here are some pics of the house…..

Holiday home in MexicoGay Mexico

Gay speedos CancunCollege guys - Spring Break

Gay Spring BreakShirtless guys.

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One comment on “I have arrived in Mexico
  1. adam says:

    Hi Dave,
    Enjoy it, the pool looks great and the place.
    Have a great time there,dave.

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