I is for Ian (str8 Aussie guy I sucked last night)

I’m guessing you guys want to know what happened hey?

Well I rode with Ian all morning and around lunch time I told him what my plan was (I didn’t tell him I planned to suck his cock).  The plan being that he and I would go over and see Amy after dinner.  I told Ian that Amy had told me she liked him and that I would delivery him into her open arms (or legs).  I hadn’t told Amy about any of this – I figured I’d just txt her and tell her that “I was for Ian and we are cumming over�.

Being his last night in town Ian was hoping to have a big one and from his reaction this was exactly what he was hoping for.

We rode all day and got in around 4pm,  we had a hot tub (speedos were on but only under our boardies),  and then we just sat around watching some snowboarding movies and knocking back a few scotches.  Ian was super keen to hear about Amy and I tried to play it as kewl as I could – I did tell him not to mention anything to the other housemates though (I is proving to be a tough letter and this would give me a nice head start – hehehe).

So around 6pm I texted Amy the following

Ian and I want to cum over and fuck your brains out?  Let me know what time you’d be keen…..

I didn’t even have to ask if it was OK – I knew Amy would be keen. 

A whole 10 seconds after I sent off the txt Amy sent one back….

Quarter after 7 and the house is ours – I’ll leave the door ajar.  Keenas Mustard (that was an internal joke in the house which I’ll explain one day).

I showed Ian the fone – as you can expect he was pretty pumped.

We grabbed another round of drinks and headed to the hot tub again (Sam and Henry had gotten home,  Julie was due home any minute,  Will had some work thingy on late).  I wanted to get Ian on my own and convince him of the speedo thing and how much Amy would like it (the truth was how much I’d like it).

In the hottub I told Ian that I had fucked Amy and that she loved anal (I think I’m the only one in the house who loves receiving anal more than she does – hehehe).  Then I dropped the bomb on how much she loves it when Will and I wear speedos in the hot tub and that I recommend he wears a speedo tonight.

Ian was kewl with that and told me that he had something up his sleeve.

We got out the hot tub and went back to my room to get ready for this threesome with Amy.  I had the first shower and while Ian was in the shower I got dressed (a pair of White DE Speedos under my jeans of course).  Then Ian came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him and announced to the room (I was the only other person in the room) that if Amy liked Aussie guys in speedos then she’d love this…..

With that he dropped his towel and I saw him wearing a black lycra g-string.  It was the same style as these pics below (just only in black)…..

Blue Male G-String
Gay GString

Hot or what!!!!!

I’ve gotta fly – I’ll try and finish this later today.

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2 comments on “I is for Ian (str8 Aussie guy I sucked last night)
  1. DonPato says:

    You are so fucking nasty!!!
    And i love it, keep sucking those boys off they need to see what a really good blow job is about.



    Can’t wait to hear what happens with IAN. Goodluck!

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