I made out with 2 Canadian guys last night.

Had a great night in Vancouver guys.

I’ve gotta thank Fred Smith who emailed me yesterday with the tip on where to go – sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you mate – here is Fred’s SpandexGuys profile – I hope I do get to catch up with him. Fred’s Profile.

Checked out this club ‘Celebrities’ which Fred recommended. Pretty gay crowd but was good fun and I had lots to drink!!!

Ended up making out with 2 guys (not at the same time) and they were keen to take it further but was in a dorm room at the hostel. Got thier numbers and emails though and they both LOVED my speedos which were under my jeans.

Off tonight to catch up with some old friends and crashing at their place. Then flying out to my home for the next 6 months tomorrow. Should land and be settled by 6pm or so.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

6 comments on “I made out with 2 Canadian guys last night.
  1. vandave says:

    Hey. Found your website the other day and have really gotten off on it. Was thrilled to see you are in Vancouver. I know you are harding to the interior tomorrow, but if you care to get off tonight, drop me a line.

  2. terence says:

    Dave, check this out!. It’s a site for tripped-out budgie-smugglers; that page-link is an interesting way to display them. Just thought ya might want to see it, cuz when ya get richer, ya might have plans to do something similar.

    Note: this is not spam. I found this on BoingBoing (don’t have the link, anymore). Check out the mainpage, too. As I said, they’re tripped-out togs.

  3. terence says:

    O.K., it takes a while to load, at least on my slow-arse connection (low-end DSL). Also, click ‘next’ on the mainpage, to see my personal lol sluggers: 4 & 8, in blue. Too, too rad. lol

  4. terence says:

    Ugh!!! I mean’t, sluggos

  5. Roy says:

    Looks like you had a great night! Love the pics of you in the speedo! Nice!

  6. Johne885 says:

    Thank you for your blog article. Great. fefdgcddeefe

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