I turn 22 this month.

Well Monday here – had dinner last night with some friends and nothing ‘naughty’ or ‘horny’ to report :(.

But this month is going to be pretty huge. I’m going back to Aussie in 2 weeks time for 3 days for my Dad’s birthday so I’m going to run amok big time down on the coast.

And this month as well has my 22rd birthday. Won’t be too big an event but just for fun I’m going to offer 1 months free membership to my site for the first person guesses the date (it is in September).

There is a rule though – you are only allowed 1 guess per day. To guess just add a comment on this post and once someone guesses the date then I will post a comment saying that is has been won. Go for it guys.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

19 comments on “I turn 22 this month.
  1. Pete says:

    september 18

  2. Tom says:

    25 September

  3. Tom says:

    luv ya work man…

  4. Boston Kenn says:

    September 14

  5. Greg says:

    September 17

  6. Lee says:

    Sept. 23

  7. charles says:

    19th September

  8. Administrator says:

    Great response guys – you all have the right idea it being in the second half of the month but nobody has got it yet.

  9. tyler says:

    22 of setpember

  10. charles says:

    27th September

  11. Tim says:

    24 september

  12. Lee says:

    Sept. 26

  13. tyler says:

    September 20th

  14. Greg says:

    September 28

  15. george says:

    sept 21

  16. Boston Kenn says:

    Sept 29

  17. Administrator says:

    26th is the date guys – well done Lee!!!

  18. Speedo Steve says:

    Happy 23rd on the 26th Dave!! I love what I read and see in your site. Thanks for posting cool stuff for us speedo wearers! I wore my red & white assiebum today! Love em and your site, Keep up your great work. Get your assiebum all wet for us and have a fun time. Thanks again, Steve

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