Ian wearing my black AussieBums

I am back to feeling unlike a zombie. Yesterday’s travels were nothing compared to what I have to do next week but I was rooted last night when I got home. It was 17hrs of traveling on 3 different flights and I didn’t drink too much the night before or anything.

You guys HAVE to hear what happened on Saturday afternoon. After I wrote the last post on Saturday I went down for my pool run and I went speedos only – with the 2 couples lying around the pool. Nobody really noticed too much or said anything. So I decided to get these str8 north American guys into it.

“Hey Ian – you worn those new speedos of your much?�

Black speedos.

With that everyone was up on their deck chairs.

After a few mumbles “Nah not really Dave.� Then he gained his composure.. “Well nowhere BUT the bedroom.� Which received the cheering that he was looking for with the response.

“Well what are you waiting for – show us how big a man you are Ian.� As I said it I was getting my own speedo clad body out of the pool.

Ian didn’t look too keen but with come encouragement firstly from Sascha and then from Steve and Tiffany he really didn’t have much of a choice. He could either drop the dork shorts or chicken out… and being in good company he had no reason to chicken out. Ian stood up and removed his boardies.

I thought he would have dived into the pool but he just lied back in the sun on his deck chair in nothing but these black AussieBums.

Black speedos at the beach.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Ian in good light wearing them and he filled them out nicely. He was masculine but still probably 15kgs slimmer than I am. His arms were really nice and muscly, and the black nylon in the front was loose to give him a casual lifeguard kind of look. His white legs showed the obvious signs of the dork short tan but with this kind of attitude – he’ll get rid of that in no time.

I had another 2 pool runs from my room that afternoon and Ian didn’t put his dork shorts on again.

It wasn’t really my place to say anything to Steve but I think that if I can travel with these guys on a similar trip again that Steve will be wearing speedos. I think it is a great story of how a str8 guy came to enjoy wearing a speedo.

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6 comments on “Ian wearing my black AussieBums
  1. adam says:

    Hi Dave,
    Great story,those straight guys do like to wear speedos.You do it again dave.
    take care

  2. speedoboi says:

    Hi mate;
    Mexico sound’s like it was awsome! Sounds like you’ve got a calling!!!! To get boys into speedo’s.

  3. speedoboi says:

    Keep UP the good work

  4. Big Jay says:

    Dave, love the pictures. Hott guys especially the top one. Keep up the good work, I can not wait to see what your site has on it when you show us these things.

  5. Polk says:

    So..which one of these guys is Ian…

  6. rsuddhi93 says:

    nice! put pics of you in speedos! And nude! I’d want to see those

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