I’m home… and exhausted.

I can’t believe nobody asked me how my nite was??? Hehehe – nah just joking.

But I am going to tell you. I parked my car at a friends place and caught the bus into town and got to the nite club around 11pm or so. Found Shezza and Mark pretty much straight away and they were kewl guys and it was good to find that they hadn’t lied in their profiles or the pics that they had online.

These guys had some mates out and it was good fun meeting a stack of new guys – most of them were gay guys I think and I’ve never really hung out with a group of gay guys – most of the guys I’ve been with are str8 acting. We danced and drank, and drank and did I mention that we drank? By about 2pm we were standing in the taxi line. Throughout the night when dancing with Shezza and with Mark both guys revealed (rather discretely as well) that they were wearing speedos for me. Mark had a pair of red speedos and Shezza has a pair of black ones on. I returned their favour and made sure they were both aware of my white AussieBum coolabah’s (pics of them from a previous post here).

When we finally got to the front of the taxi line Mark jumped in the front seat and Shezza and I were in the back. On the 10 minute trip back to their place Shezza and I, as discretely as possible, undid our jeans and rubbed each other until by the time we had to get out of the cab we were both rock solid hard.

Once inside Shezza said he’d grab some drinks and that Mark and I should warm up the bed. By the time Shezza got to the bedroom Mark was down to his red speedos and was making out with me – I had my jeans half off which Shezza helped finish the job. Shezza got down to his black speedos pretty quick and joined in the foray. From there it was all on – I sucked Mark for a while as Shezza got me out of my speedos, then I got to fuck Shezza. If there is any combination you can imagine… we did it. The hottest one was definitely when I got to fuck Mark’s gorgeous arse (no speedo tan unfortunately) as he was sucking Shezza.

We all came twice, ow – Mark came 3 times. It was one hot night!!! This morning we showered together which was pretty hot. Mark and Shezza tell me that they have a policy that neither is allowed to shower alone – hehehe – sounds like a good rule to me.

An amazing night I tell you!!! And all from online dating sites – but I suppose it was the guys being fair dinkum that made it awesome. We’ll I’m grabbing some lunch now and going to grab a couple of hours sleep. Not a bad week in the rooting department – I’ll post some more pics over the next couple of days.

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4 comments on “I’m home… and exhausted.
  1. joey says:

    real horny stuff man,my cock is sore now!

  2. robert says:

    yeah, my cock is preactically tearing through my jeans! lol. Maybe I could join you sometime! šŸ˜›

  3. Phill says:

    i love your stories, i’m horny now and i’m about jerk.

  4. snowy says:

    Just found your site. Really fuckin’ horny. It’s got my cock horny as fuck and dripping precum looking at all those great guys in their tight speedos. Keep them cummin’ man.

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