I’m home (well my new home)

Everything today went smoothly – picked up the car all OK and didn’t cost me too much. Drove the 1 and half hour to me new place and my new landlords Nikki & Matt were both here to welcome me (Matt was on his lunch break).

Here are some views of my town – not this time of year but will be soon.

My new town.  New Zealand,  South Island,  Gay.
Methven,  New Zealand.  Gay ski week.
Methven, skiing, snowboarding.

I’m renting Nikki and Matt’s granny flat which is a 2 bedroom shack in their backyard. It has a small bathroom and a small kitchen. It isn’t the Hilton but hopefully I’ll be having as much sex in it as Paris Hilton does in her room. And Nikki and Matt are really kewl and I’ll probably end up eating with them a fair bit.

Their main house is pretty awesome (Matt is a carpenter during summer), the noteable parts are a billiard table and a hot tub (which I have been in wearing speedos only before).

And I’m sure you guys remember how I met these guys last year…. if not let me refresh your memory. It all started at a BBQ and Nikki hooked me up with this bisexual chick Sandra (who is in London working right now – which is a good thing). Then Nikki, Matt, Sandra and I ended up in their hottub and I ended up sucking Dave off infront of his wife. After that Nikki invited me over for another hottub session just the three of us. And to finish off the year Matt and I had our own little session which involved us watching gay porn.

This year might be a little different as Nikki is pregnant (Matt and I will be having a big night drinking to celebrate that tonight). But it is good to know they are both open minded and won’t mind me bringing guys home… hehehe.

So now I’m off to setup a wireless net connection.

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3 comments on “I’m home (well my new home)
  1. adam says:

    Hi Dave,
    Looks really great.You cant beat the south island
    for scenery.Have fun,and in that hot tub with speedos.Oh YEAH.
    Take care
    ps Great pics and its another good day in wellington.Now off to the gym

  2. Meh says:

    Hey “Dave”.. your a fuckstick…

  3. andrucha says:

    It’s beautiful

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