I’m moving this weekend!!!

Well about time for a more personal post on my life.

I am moving this weekend from New Zealand to Canada for the northern winter – snowboarding season!!!

I’ve got a place to stay pretty much sorted (which is the hard part). I’ll be online probably more than I am now – those long winter nights when it gets dark around 4:30pm.

Last year I had a ball and I ended up getting it on with my room mate – Brad – click here and read backwards (ie bottom post to the top). No speedos in public in Canada but there are always hot tubs and most of the people I meet over there are Aussie’s anyways so speedos aren’t that big a deal.

I’m flying out of here on Saturday morning to my old home Brisbane. A couple of days seeing the family and old friends and then flying to the Okanagan. Brisbane/Sydney/LA/Vancouver/Kelowna.

I’ll probably miss a couple of days of posting but I’ve had a fantastic response from people wanting me to post their own speedo story so I’ll have some of them ready.

If any of you guys are in the Okanagan region of British Columbia let me know – I’ll be sharing an apartment but I’m sure if speedos are involved then we’ll find a way.

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  1. jean harold says:

    quiero tener sexo soy gay y soy joven estos huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

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