I’m settled in – and looking for speedo fun.

Well guys – I’m into my new place and online now so back to posting normally.

I’m living in a 3 bedroom condo – so far only one room mate – her name is Angela and she is 28yo and a ski patroller from central Canada somewhere. She is pretty kewl and hardcore skiier so should be fun to go riding with her – don’t think there is any rootage there but you never know.

We are looking for room mates and in the next week there are tonnes of people coming to town so we’ll end up with maybe 5 of us in the condo.

There are 3 hot tubs in the building and this weekend has been pretty busy – opening weekend – so no speedo usage yet but tomorrow being Monday should be quiet and I’ll get my AussieBums out and hit up the hot tub I think.

In my travels something has gone wrong with my video ram??? So my lappy is on like 16 colour resolution. Going to try and get it down town next weekend (can’t get a ride until then). Once it is right – webcam time guys!!!

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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  1. spion says:

    nice writing
    greetz from holland.

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