I’m single again

I didn’t realy feel like I wasn’t single but I am officially single again.

Yes last night I told JK that Will was coming over and that I wouldn’t lie to JK and that I expected Will and I to hook up.

I did leave the news until after dinner and we had a few drinks in us to loosen up but it didn’t work. JK said that he was at a point in his life where he wanted some stability and a serious relationship. We were both very kewl about it and said that we would have no hard feelings towards each other. I really hope that ends up being the case.

After listening to JK I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask himi if he wanted to play with Will as well or to ask JK if we could be fuck buddies.  Perhaps one night after a lot to drink I’ll txt him – I can see that happening.

So there you have it guys – I’m free again and I’m going to have to plan a dirty weekend to one of the big cities and screw my brains out with some random guys.

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3 comments on “I’m single again
  1. Shane says:

    Although I do appreciate your being honest with JK regarding your intent to
    “hook up” with Will, I am disappointed. It is behavior such as this that tends
    to decrease the credibility that same-sex couples (especially gay men) should
    be taken seriously in their efforts to establish a monogomous relationship.
    Not suprising, but then after you express your intent to keep playing the field,
    You considered inviting JK to dance with you and Will. Not to mention,
    having forethoughts of getting him drunk and getting laid in the future. Im
    sorry but that just screams immaturity. Not sure why you even want to say that
    you are NOT SINGLE, you dont have what it takes at this point in your life to
    BE IN a relationship. Its sad too because Im sure you are an intelligent,
    decent man that has a lot to offer someone. Maybe after you get yours with
    Will you will miss the companionship of JK and do some soulsearching, and
    reconsider your actions. I’m just glad you were honest with JK about your
    intent. At least he had a choice to NOT engage with you any longer, but move on
    to find his stability. I think he made the right decision because it sounds
    like you are not worthy at this point of a stable relationship.

  2. Ken says:

    Hey, Dave, that first comment was pretty harsh. I don’t think it’s fair for Shane to accuse you of “immaturity”. I agree with him that you are not yet ready to settle down to one person. And it may be quite a while before you are ready, if ever.

    The reality is that some men, both gay and straight, are NEVER ready to commit to one individual only. If this is true for you, now or in the future, the worst thing you could do is try to lock yourself into that pattern.

    I’m sorry things didn’t pan out with JK, but your honesty with him was very necessary. Now you have to let him go. Very hard to do when you had such high hopes for a while, but it’s very important for you to move on.

    And if you do decide that it was a mistake to drop JK for some hot sex with Will, then probably the best thing you can do is move on from BOTH of them!

  3. Wouldn't you like to know? says:

    Well this lasted 2 seconds…

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