Its been a while

Yo yo – it has been a while. I really have been working hard this week!!!

I was just thinking I haven’t dumped a load since Tuesday – man that has to be a record!!!! Just way too much work. I am having trouble getting the credit card processing stuff sorted out and is will take all weekend and hopefully next week it will be sorted out. The members of the site have been kewl and they can still login but I’m literally going to end up 5 weeks without pay so going to be hurting.

Right now I’m trying to find someone in the UK to be the name on some paperwork so that I can accept VISA’s – if you know anyone drop me a line would be a huge favour.

Enough work – back to fun stuff.

I have been exchanging SMS’s with Adam all week and he got back yesterday and I haven’t seen him yet but I will see him tonight at the local pub. It is going to be scary with this load that I’m carrying though – I can’t remember the last time I went 3 days. I’m thinking tonight I’ll wear a pair of black Aussie Bums.

Ow and I’ve got my webcam working – I’ve gotta figure out a time that suits though so everyone here can enjoy it.

Well guys – finally I posted hey. I promise I’ll write tomorrow morning and tell you how things went with Adam.

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