I’ve got new housemates

Big day yesterday having people around to the condo who are interested in staying for the season. Angela (she’s the 28yo Ski Patrol chick who has the lease) is pretty kewl.

We had maybe 8 people through and ended up deciding on a couple and an Aussie guy from Melbourne. The couple who will have their own room (it is a 3 bedroom condo) are Chris and Mel. They are Aussies as well from Perth. It is their 4th winter in a row and seem pretty laid back and should be kewl.

And the single guy – who will be sharing my room (sucks I know but kinda need the money) is Will. He is 19yo and at uni in Melbourne. Plays AFL and is definitely cute. Wonder why I thought he would be good – hehehe. I’m 100% sure that this guy will have a pair of speedos in his bag. This is Will’s first trip overseas and he has only snowboarded a couple of times.

Everyone is moving in tomorrow (Sunday) so we’ll have a big piss up I’m sure tomorrow night and get to know everyone.

So far everything seems to be falling into place and never know what I might be able to get upto with Will – hehehe.

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3 comments on “I’ve got new housemates
  1. Terence says:

    you are bad wicked – so is he one of those tall, touch the sky, AFL players?

  2. Administrator says:

    Terence, I know the type you are thinking of but Will is a ruckman so bit shorter than I am but pretty fit I reckon. Should be fun tonight as I’m sure we’ll end up in the hot tub.

  3. Terence says:

    Nothing wrong with a fit ruckman – and, yeah, I’ve read your most recent hot tub post. New recruits were chosen this past weekend, so we’ve got new AFLers to oogle at and get to know — Woot!!!

    That guy Stuart – he’s from Melbourne? I’ve seen his pics elsewhere. He’s H A W T !!! but kinda too young lookin’ for my tastes.

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