I’ve landed in New Zealand

I am here and although it was sad leaving British Columbia – I’m happy to be in New Zealand.

I’m crashing with a couple that I know just south of the city.  They aren’t far from the beach and her family all live within walking distance and they are very social.  My net connection is a little intermittent so please bare with me over the next couple of days. 

I did a bit of writing while I was in Japland and I’m keen to post some of it for you guys – ALSO my MMF Bisexual website is deep in contruction now.  I’m not quite ready to show you guys but I think early next week I’d like to give you a sample.  It is looking great and I’m quite excited about it.

Well no Kiwi Cocks yet but on the weekend I’m going to borrow a car from the guys I’m staying with and head north to the Bay of Islands.  I’ve never been up there but it sounds pretty awesome and hopefully I can line up some guys.

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2 comments on “I’ve landed in New Zealand
  1. adam says:

    Welcome back to beautiful New zealand Dave,hope all goes well with
    you,and do enjoy this great country of mine.



    Glad you arrived safely in New Zealand. Can’t wait to hear of
    your adventures!

    By the way Dave, if you see really HOT pairs of speedos
    in the shops there, could you post them on EBAY?
    really have a terrible range here in Adelaide.

    sincerely ROBERT

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