J is for Julie

I have been posting a fair few speedo photos the last couple of days and it is reflecting just how horny I have been.  I’ve been wearing my black ‘speedo’ brand speedos a lot in the hot tub and around the house.

Will, Samantha and I knocked off the letter J in the Alphabet Game by having a foursome with Julie 2 nights ago in the hot tub.  It wasn’t that bit a deal and Julie and I kind of paired off as Will and Samantha paired off.  Always hot having sex with 2 other people within arms reach I suppose.  Henry and Amy are the only ones with J not ticket off yet and they are keen to fuck Julie as well – can’t blame them.

I’m looking forward to K which I’m thinking of KINKY – I might have Will tied up and Henry and I can tease him for a couple of hrs.  Sounds like fun.

The rest of the house has knocked off I (remember Amy and I knocked off I by having sex with my str8 mate Ian in a sauna).  Samantha took Henry’s and Will’s cock in her arse (which was a first for Samantha) which they claimed took the letter I for Illegal Sex because it is still illegal in some states of America (I think it is stretching it a bit but that is OK with me having another fan of anal sex in the house).  Julie knocked off I with ‘Intern’ – she gave a blowjob to one of the lift company interns (I haven’t met the guy but I’ve seen him around and he is pretty hot) in the bathroom of the only pub in town.

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4 comments on “J is for Julie
  1. Tom Cat says:

    Focus Dave – you already did J as you have said J is for Julie – you must have been drunk when you wrote the post lol 🙂

    I hope you cum up with some real Kinky fun for K !!!m

  2. Dave Evans says:

    Tom Cat,

    Thanks for that mate – I did have a few drinks under my belt I do admit.

    Will is working late tonight so no Kinky just yet but I’m going down town tomorrow so I might try and drop into an adult store and see if I can find something special for Will.


  3. Brenton says:

    Man this game sounds like so much fun. I wanna come live in your house!

  4. Dave Evans says:


    Thanks for the comment mate – I love your blog and it is one that I read almost daily.

    I’m thinking of starting a ‘favourite blogs’ link list on the right side there and your blog will be one of those.

    For those who don’t know where it is – http://www.aussielicious.blogspot.com/

    Thanks Brenton.


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