Jeff’s Foto Shoot

Jeff organised a foto shoot for this tanline competition. Remember the winner of the competition gets a pair of CheekyNatures – click here to see their site.

This is the email Jeff send me about his foto shoot.

Okay I’ve got a beer in my hand and I’m ready to tell the trials of getting these fotos. Just to give you a little background I’ve modeled since I was a kid.Mostly runway fashion shows and some catalogue work. It helps put me through school.

When I got to college I found out you can make some bucks by modeling for art classes and photography classes. Mostly in a Speedo and sometimes nude.

The guy that teaches the photography class has always offered to take fotos of me for free so I asked him to help me out on the tanline shots. No problem just come by the studio Friday.

So I pack my Speedos and head over to his studio. He sets up his background and camera and says

“Let’s start out with some fotos with your clothes on.”

I say fine and we do shots of me in my jeans and t-shirt.

“Those are great, now let’s get your shirt off and photograph those abs Jeff.”

He comes over and pulls my Tshirt over my head and unzips my jeans. This is a guy who is like a Grandfather to me but we go on. Then he tells me to loose the jeans which I do leaving me wearing my black Speedos.

He tells me let’s try something else before the Speedo shots and hands me a pair of tighty whitey underwear. Now I haven’t wore tighty whities since I was 8 and I tell him so. He tells me trust him it will be hot. So I take off my Speedos and slip into the brief. We take some butt fotos and he praises my swimmer’s bubble butt. He sets me in a chair to take some frontal shots but pauses to say they’d be hotter if I was hard in the shots.

Whoa I say.

If you want these fotos for free he says then I’m in charge. He then proceeds to grab me and bend me over his knee and begins to spank my ass hard. Are you going to listen? Smack! Okay just let me go. I get up with a huge hardon. Now that’s what I want he says. He snaps away.

Next he wets me down with water until my white briefs are see through and proceeds to take more pictures. I remind him I’ve been here an hour but no tanline shots.T hat’s next he says and starts ripping the white cotton material from my briefs. Stop I say but by then I’m only wearing the waist band. Now Jeff show off that tanline and he smacks my ass.

We finally get to the Speedo shots and I model my white Aussiebums which he soaks down with water too making them see through. He has me remove them for some shots and then a shot with my waterpolo ball covering my cock but showing my tanlined butt.

That should win you that contest he smiles.

You know what these fotos are for I ask? You think you young guys are the only one who reads Dave’s blog? I thank him and tell him I don’t know how to thank him. He walks over and starts milking my cock until I start to shoot and he takes my white Aussiebums and I cum in them. I’ll keep these as payment he says but I want to take fotos of you in those CheekyNatures.

The things I do for you mate! Jeff.

Jeff you are a bloody legend mate and I can’t wait to see those pics.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

6 comments on “Jeff’s Foto Shoot
  1. andrew says:

    Ok I need to see ALL of the photos to believe that story. 😀

  2. Big Jay says:

    Lets see some photos!!!!!!!!

  3. roy says:

    Yes let’s see some 🙂

  4. tommo says:

    wow great story and what a way to get photos…can’t wait to see them :-0

  5. andrew says:

    Yeah are these photos happening anytime this decade?

  6. Dave Evans says:


    I received an email from Jeff today – I already have fotos from 2 guys (not mentioned thus far).

    I’m giving Jeff another couple of days (been Presidents week in the USA so lots of public holidays and crap).

    I haven’t received an email with your fotos Andrew….

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