Just got a call from Nikki and Matt

Hey guys – second post for the day again – man I’m good at this blog stuff.

I just got a call from Nikki – do you remember that 2 weekends ago I stayed at Nikki and Marks place and did the naughty with Mark (click here to read that post). If you are new here be sure to read that post before continuing here – just saves me explaining things twice.

Well I got a call from Nikki tonight – it was just over a week now since I hooked up with Mark and because I’ve been super busy with work I haven’t been going out. Nikki wanted to make sure that I was still all OK (I had told Sandra – again read that previous post if you don’t know who she is) but from what Sandra had told Nikki she wasn’t worried or nothing.

Nikki told me that they had an awesome night and would love it if I could come and play with them again. Sandra is coming up this weekend but Nikki and Mark are keen to hook up before then. I said I’m super keen so we organised for some after dinner drinks and sex (hehehe – that wasn’t really said but it was implied) tomorrow night.

Well – I’m horny as hell after that fone call and after having to write about it so I’m off for a wank.

The site is back and running at 100% which is fantastic!!! Money won’t roll in for another week but at least I’m back and working properly. I promise that I will write about tomorrow night at Nikki and Matt’s before I go to bed – so be sure to check back here around 11pm New Zealand time.

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