Just more work.

Hey guys – well I’m just spending the day more work. Still working on some lingering login problems so still haven’t gotten to the fun part of my job… that is adding in new pics and movies.

I’ve got some great ideas on a new site design but again I think I won’t be able to start it for another good week or so.

Socially – nothing much at all. I’ve settled in my new house and I’ll need some more time and I’ll tell you about my room mates. No real ‘root action’ in the house and until the southern ski season starts I won’t really meet all that many new people which is a bit of a shame.

I was thinking of going out on the town and having a niff last night but decided against it. Maybe – and I said just maybe this coming week I’ll head out on Thursday or Friday and have some fun – definitely time that I deserve it.

I have also posted pretty heavily on different gay personal sites here in NZ. There don’t seem to be many – no ANY – gay guys living in this town so I’ll just have to see what happens.

Don’t worry – I promise I’ll keep you posted.

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