Kip the speedo nerd

I suppose I am a bit of a speedo nerd as well but Kip is even more so because he is much better when it comes to complex computer issues.

Kip is my first full time employee and he starts – well he starts in 26hrs or so when I land in Denver (I’m writing this from Auckland airport awaiting my international flight).  A friend of mine introduced me to Kip about 12 months ago and he is an avid reader of this blog and has helped me out with some technical issues which are over my head.

So I’m going to spend 2 weeks (maybe 3) in Colorado with Kip (he happens to be a skiier and doesn’t live that far from Breckenridge Ski Resort).

The only thing is – Kip and I both love speedos. Kip is gay, I’m bi and I’m crashing on his couch for 2 or more weeks.  What are the rules about screwing the crew?  I asked Kip this last week (I had been thinking about it since he decided to come on board) and his reply was “What happens, happens ;)”

Are there any guys from Colorado who read this?  Please shoot me a comment – we might be able to catch up for some turns.

Since I’m back posting daily here are some pics that I’ve been enjoying myself for the last couple of weeks which I thought you guys might enjoy… Guys in speedos – you sure that is something you guys would like?

Shower and speedos
Speedo at the pool.

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One comment on “Kip the speedo nerd
  1. d k says:

    will look for you on sunday at ho’s mo’s…breck’s only gay apres ski gig…erik the bartender is a pal of mine…

    hope you are bringing snow with you…grin


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