Last nights fuck fest with Matt cont.

I’ve made it to Japan finally – not that bad a flight and I’m not too tired. The airport hotel is just like a western hotel and I’ve found some maps of some touristy things that are nearby.  I was thinking I’d catch a train into Tokyo but I think my chances of making it back here are slim to none.

Since I got to the hotel I’ve been reading through some old blog posts – you guys know that I have been writing this blog for 2 years now. 

This is a story about one of my great fucks 2 years ago in New Zealand.  As you may or may not remember – last year I lived with Nikki and Matt for the winter…..

So I rocked on over to his place and for the second time Matt opened the door and was wearing nothing but a pair of speedos. Matt is totally straight acting and doesn’t seem to be a big fan of kissing so it was a handshake at the door and I followed his speedo clad arse into the kitchen. Matt started to make me a drink and I started to get down to my speedos (a pair of 1.5″ Black AussieBum’s that fit me perfectly).

I had expected things to move straight to the hot tub (where all my nights at Matt’s place have gone) but instead he told me that he had some movies that he thought I’d like to watch. So the two of us sat on the couch and we started to watch some gay porn – I think it was a Bel Ami movie as the guys looked a bit European (not that it is a bad thing – they were very hot!!!).

Obviously we were both now pitching tents in our speedos and I started to rub my cock through my speedos. Once Matt noticed he started doing the same.

Matt and I had never really been alone before – always had his wife Nikki around at least and there was a little bit of tension. It was odd as Matt and I have done most things sexually to each other including one of the roughest anal fucks I’ve ever had.

After a couple of minutes of rubbing ourselves, by which time both of us had rather visible spots of precum staining our speedos I reached over to help Matt with his cock rubbing. Just before I could touch his cock he turned to me and said he’d like for us to just masturbate as he had never seen another guy get himself off. Well I can’t complain about that I suppose so I replied saying sure thing but that I’m pretty close so I’m going to go for it if he didn’t mind.

I was going to pull my cock out of my speedos but it would have been only one or two strokes so I left it in by renewed my rubbing. It took me another minute or so before I was on the edge, I was moaning and was leaning way back on the couch now. I had stolen Matt’s attention from the DVD playing though. As I continued to moan I finally came all through my speedos and the stain definitely proved it.

I was spent for sure. Then as I lied there on the couch next to Matt with my head back and eyes closed I felt Matt get up. He got between my legs and started sucking the cum through my speedos!!!

I let Matt go and just sat back and after about 5 minute I was rock hard again. Matt continued to move his mouth all over my speedo covered cock as he continued to rub himself through his speedos. My beautiful black AussieBum’s now looked a bit of a mess but it was hot. In the end I had to pull my cock out the side of my speedos and with Matt kneeling infront of me I jerked off again with his face barely a foot from my cock. I came a second time and by now Matt was getting close (he still hadn’t removed his cock from his speedos). I came all down through my hand which was gripping my shaft. I sat there looking at Matt as he finally came in his speedos.

Things were a little weird after that but not too weird. I put my jeans on and t-shirt and pretty much left. On the short drive home I was horny just thinking about the mutual masturbation session and I was hard again by the time I got home. So I got to my room and stripped down to my dirty AussieBums and jerked off again.

Three times in 30 minutes I suppose – thats gotta be close to a record for me.

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7 comments on “Last nights fuck fest with Matt cont.
  1. Boston Kenn says:

    Nothing wrong with beating your meat. Wish I were there to join in. 😎

  2. Speedo Steve says:

    I loved your story! My bf and I both just got matching red & white Aussiebum suits. They do feel good for sure. We play together too in our speedos! Hot fun in the summer time!!

  3. speedo Tom says:

    Great story nuthing like getting off in speedos – do it all the time and love sleeping in em all stained with sum…cheers thanks for the great horny stories

  4. Alex says:

    Great site, man. Very hot. I love the guys in Speedos but I love you fucking around with the straight married guys even more…

  5. Sqwheel says:

    Oh bady do i like married men! its all i have in SA… njoy bros!

  6. adam says:

    Hi Dave,
    I do hope you enjoy your time in japan
    and get to see some of the Tourist sites there.
    Take care

  7. Carl says:

    It is a shame that you weren’t adventurous. I spent a total of 4 weeks during two trips to the land of the rising Sun. The Japan Rail trains are color coded. according to the line that they run on. Also having a 3 language (Kanji, Romaji and ???) map helps. Also most Japanese are somewhat fluent in English (especially when written). I remember that I was looking for a bank to exchange some money. I walked up to a police officer near Euno and wrote out ‘I need a bank’ He very politely gestured me to one just down the street.

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