Like the new look?

I had an awesome time in Australia and did get upto some fun in my speedos – but I’m in the middle of updating the design of the blog so I’ll sit down and tell you about later.

Hope you like the new design – I’m adding more speedo links down the right side, as well as some free movies that I make up with some of the promo stuff I do for my site.

If you haven’t been to the Gold Coast – then guys you have to get there and don’t forget your speedos – more about that later.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

6 comments on “Like the new look?
  1. gazza says:

    hmmmm – ya didn’t test it in firefox, did ya? 🙁

  2. Administrator says:

    Gazza – what are you seeing mate? Looks OK in Exploder and Netscape.


  3. gazza says:

    i’ll send ya a screenshot….

  4. Boston Kenn says:

    Love the new layout. Thanks, Dave. Boston Kenn

  5. Ryan says:

    Layout looks the same in Safari and Opera as it does in Firefox. I like where it’s headed though.

  6. nwspeedo says:

    Hey Dave:

    Like the new layout. Can you tell me a bit of information? What is the name of the movie from which your “banner” is cut? The movie with the two guys making out in the orange and blue bikinis in front of the lockers?

    I thought it was Team Play but can’t find that title. Please help!

    Thanks. Keith (nwspeedo)

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