Lots of anal with Adam

Last night I caught up with Adam for a fuck session – hehehe.

After Matt’s job ramming my arse I was keen to give Adam a go at it. I wore an old pair of blue speedos and I cut a hole where right where my arse hole is. Can you see where I’m going with this?

When I got to Adam’s place we were on his bed for about 5 minutes kissing and slowly (for us anyway) getting down to just our speedos. Once I couldn’t take it anymore I told Adam to get the condoms. When he turned to come back to the bed I raised my legs and gave him a view of the slit in my speedos.

Adam didn’t need a second invitation and proceeded to put on the condom and lube up my arse. This was super hot as I didn’t have to remove my speedos and Adam had pulled his cock out the side of his speedos.

I didn’t let Adam go slow and I wanted him to ram me hard!!! I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked them behind his back. Adam went hard and while he fucked my arse HARD rubbed my cock through my speedos. I think I came first and the tensing of my arse when I came made Adam cum as well. Ow man it was hot!!! We ended up having a shower and sucked each other for a while and then jerked each other off.

Another meeting with Adam – and I am really getting into receiving anal hey. Normally it wasn’t my thing and I prefered being a top but I might have been converted.

Well now that I’m super hard just thinking about what I did last night I’m off to relieve myself – again. Hehehe.

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2 comments on “Lots of anal with Adam
  1. Speedo Steve says:

    Dave, Your story with Adam turned me on lots and I had to relieve myself in my speedo after reading this. I love your site and am glad to see your into speedos like I am, we aren’t alone dude! Speedo on stud, Steve

  2. speedohole says:

    Beautiful – mmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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