Low riding speedo

Today it has been pouring rain so I’ve been stuck inside working.  Yesterday I wanted to go riding but the mountain closed around midday because there were too many people up there so yesterday sucked as well.

Tomorrow could be a great day if this rain turns to snow tonight so I’m going to go to bed early and be ready to spank it tomorrow.

On that note I thought I’d share with you guys a speedo photo that was posted over the weekend by Scotty on the WhiteSpeedos.com forum.  I’m not sure I could ever wear a speedo this low in public but it is a beautiful sight all the same.

Low rider speedo.

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7 comments on “Low riding speedo
  1. Adam says:

    Just back from two weeks on the mediterranean – get your speedo clad ass over here boyt – you’d love it – the majority of guys wear speedos or some kind of close fitting lycra. A lot of hot bodies to see … yum yum. I even went to one beach (straight) where there were no less than 4 guys wearing white Aussiebums…

  2. Tony Lawrence says:

    HOLY S**T! what’s holding (or not holding) it up? That’s got to be the smallest speedo I’ve seen yet short of a band-aid and string! Nice body though. Got to have some massive “balls” to wear this out in public! Thanks, Dave and keep up the fun as I enjoy your adventures since I’m done for due to my health going bad. Love (your East Coast of USofA) BIGGEST FAN, Tony

  3. gay ski week NZ says:

    Hi Dave

    whats your number

    be great to meet you


  4. TomCat says:

    may be all the wanking has made me blind – but where the hell did he put his ‘cock n balls’ ?? Was it a really cold pool ??

  5. Jase says:

    Dude, wheres the update about Dunedin???

  6. Tommy says:

    This is the Norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen. You may send him a nice email at alexoen@online.no 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    That guy, first off, looks like he has nothing there. But the fact that he has an amazing body– has that thing pulled down so far and all– makes my cock so hard

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