Man it is 5am – what am I doing up?

Friday 15TH April 2005
Today is the last ‘real’ day of the ski season. So far I’m feeling OK but I’m kinda waiting for the depression thing to kick in which will really tell me that I’m leaving and perhaps leaving for good.

It is about 7am and I was kinda happy to realize that I didn’t have a headache this morning – hehehehehe. And this keyboards doesn’t seem quite as bad as I thought I was. I’m off for a ski today with Brian (although I’m not sure how he spells it – it might be Bryan???). He is meeting me outside my ski locker at 8:30am so as the kettle boils I’be got some time to talk.

Man – I hope this blog thing doesn’t consume me completely!!!!

Well I’m sure with my adult pay website (which is dedicated to guys in speedos – but I’m not going to tell you what it is) will be taking up at least some of my time over the next couple of days.

Why not tell you a little about my schedule for the next couple of weeks…..
The SLCSP (Ski Lift Company Staff Party – just incase you forgot what that was – it is one hell of an acronym) is on this coming Monday. Then I’m back at the resort frin the 13th until the 19th helping clean up the resort and shut down the chair lifts and stuff for summer.

After the 19th I’m catching the Greyhound to Banff Springs (I’ll tell you the bullshit story about the springs another day – but I do say right now – the springs do exist – all the same Banff is a great place and I’m looking forward to getting back there).

In Banff I’m staying with some old Kiwi (that is people from New Zealand for all those not in the know) friends of mine for a couple of days. I won’t be seeing the springs in Banff but I will be there for a handful of days. I leave Canada officially on the 25th of April but I don’t arrive in Fiji until the 27th. What is with that????

All dateline stuff I suppose. Anyways guys – it is 8:10am now and I’ve gotta get my ski boots on for for Brian.

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