Matt and Nikki bisexual fun tomorrow – sorry.

Hey guys – just home from a huge day snowboarding!!!

I was all super stoked about Matt and Nikki tonight but I’ve just got a message on my fone saying that the bisexual action (that wasn’t quite Nikki’s words) will have to wait until Friday night.

So this morning you can not imagine how horny I was! I wacked off twice more last night thinking about the fun that I’m going to have with Matt. So I’m now off to punish my cock (now that I know I don’t have to save it – hehehe).

But no need for me to be punishing myself – I’ve found these three pics of bisexual mmf threesomes for you guys – I picked these because they are the only ones I have of a guy in speedos – they guys aren’t that hot but the speedos and the speedo tan lines are. You’ll hear from me tomorrow….

Bisexual MMF threesome
Gay bisexual threesome pics.
Gay guys in bisexual threesomes.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

2 comments on “Matt and Nikki bisexual fun tomorrow – sorry.
  1. Big says:

    How sweet that looks

  2. Sissy Heidi says:

    I love to be dressed as a woman with my wife and her friend.
    We have fun just like the pictures. Yum

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