Memories of my local pool.

OK lunch over now and I think writing about what I used to get upto at my pool should get me nice and horny (hopefully it will do the same for you too – hehe).

My last 2 years of school and my first 2 years of uni I was training a lot and doing some surf life saving competitions and swimming was always my weakest leg. So I had to really focus on my swimming. When I was at skool would swim at the skool pool and train there but after I left skool and those first 2 years of uni I went to this local 50m lap pool. It was outdoors and never had too many people there – particularly as those first 2 years of uni were pretty cruisy and I’d normally go to the pool around 10am.

I always wore speedos and the few other people that I saw at the pool normally were wearing them as well. But the favourite thing about the pool was I’d have a shower in the change rooms afterwards. The change room was huge and had a massive hall full of showers. Unlike what I hear about guys in the US we never got naked in skool locker rooms. After my swim I used to go into the locker rooms and masturbate in this shower hall – all the time hoping that someone would walk in on me.

I’d never fully remove my speedos while I was jacking off – either poking my cock through the right leg (my prefered method) or pulling the front of my speedo down.

I ended up doing this nearly every time I went to the pool. Although every now and then someone would walk into the change room while I was enjoying myself they would just be getting changed and not enter the showers or most of the time I would hear them and have to stop. But…. I did get caught twice.

The first time was a late 20’s guy (I was like 18 or 19 at the time) and I just didn’t hear him come in and he was showering before entering the pool. I was jacking away and he walked right in. Surprised the shit out me hey. I mumbled some embarased ‘sorrys’ and this guy had his 2 second shower and said ‘No probs mate.’ He honestly didn’t seem bothered at all about it – I was mega embarassed and it took me a couple of weeks before I got back into my habit.

The 2nd time someone walked in on me though I had planned it – but that is another story for another day. Time for Dave to jack off I think.

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6 comments on “Memories of my local pool.
  1. brechi says:

    aussies in speedos 😉

  2. hungnice says:

    Yes we in the US do get naked in school locker rooms if we don’t feel embarrassed. Not sure what the other guys were embarrassed about, i wasn’t.

  3. TheHerald says:

    Tell the other story! (Please :P)

  4. Anonymous says:

    my cock has never been so sore since i found your site has you can guess i love jerking off also playing with toys

  5. jorzeep says:

    nice experience mate

  6. Anonymous Horny Boy says:

    Oh man I would love to see that! Nice one!

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