Back to Oz in 2 weeks.

Well with my trip to Aussie coming up I’ve been looking at some places to stay – could stay with my parents but as they don’t know that I enjoy guys would definitely limit my fun.

I’ve been looking at some accommodation down where I lived before I started travelling and there are some places really close. I will only be there for maybe 3 or 4 days but should be great to go to the beach and the pool where I spent so much time. I’m also going to see if any of my old fuck buddies are still around as it would be great to have some of that kind of catching up as well.

If any of you guys are on the Gold Coast in 2 weeks time drop me a line – would be great to hook up for some speedo fun.

One place I am looking at is 2 doors down from the pool which I used to train at. Brings back some fun memories of me in speedos in the shower room. Hmmm – I’ve gotta get my lunch out of the oven but will write more after lunch.

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