Met this kewl guy online today

Hey hey – well you might have noticed a few new links on the site. Both on the left side and down the bottom of the page. No point having this blog if I can’t meet people through it.

So last week while submitting my blog I found a blog of this guy called Gazza who lives in Christchurch (it is the biggest town on the south island here – the big smoke). Spoke to him a bit late last week online and he is pretty kewl and has a great blog – link on the left there. Anyways – Gazza mentioned this blog on his blog (does that too confusing?) and posted this pic.

Jeremy - hot water polo player

When I saw the pic I thought I recognised the guy from when I was like 12 and a nipper (that is a junior life guard) on the Gold Coast. The pic looked like a guy who was a couple of years my senior in the club. He took some of our training stuff and being older than us we all looked up at this guy being a god – and he saved most of us from the surf at one point or another.

So I did a bit of searching online and to make a long story short ended up getting his email address!!!! Haven’t exchanged much but I told him about his pic of him in his speedos being online. He was pretty stoked. He isn’t gay (bummer!!!) and I told him about the blog. I emailed him through the photo and he said it was kewl if I posted it on here (which I have done) and he gave me the address of his yahoo profile – – definitely check it out – no more pics though and he even added a link to this blog – very kewl!!!

Well – that was my bit of excitement today. Internet was offline until this arvo so went up the hill for a snowboard but the bloody barmy army (the English and Irish Lions Rugby supporters) were in town so it was busy – had one run and came home. Much more fun here talking to Aaron.

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4 comments on “Met this kewl guy online today
  1. gazza says:

    interesting ‘home page’ he has listed in his profile for someone who is not ‘gay’

  2. Aaron says:

    Hey Dave – thanks for dropping me a line mate. Great to catch up and I have put on a couple of kg’s since that photo was taken.

  3. Paul says:

    Hell, he’s straight? It’s a sad day for the gay world.


  4. ten and cut says:

    i love the pubes trimmed right at the tan line.

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