Miserable Day – weather wise

Hey guys – today is a shocker of a day. Weather is nasty – raining in town here and real windy. Snowing up on the mountains.

I promised a friend to take them up to the mountain today after lunch – I hope we do because I’ve been sitting here working for the last 3hrs (and its Saturday!!!!) and keen for an adventure.

I have organised some social outing for tonight. Party at one of those couples that I know in town now’s place. Sandra might be there but with the weather the roads might be closed so not sure on that one. But I’m going to take Adam along – he doesn’t know too many people in town. I suppose this is our first date – albeit that nobody else in the room will know that it is a date. Darn that closet thing that I have going on.

Well I’m going to get back to work and hopefully get out for an adventure – I’ll take my shitty 4yo digital camera out and get some pics of the grey clouds.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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