Monday is here

Well guys new week now – sorry for not posting yesterday – had my first ‘technical’ problem – but an old friend of mine from the Gold Coast sorted it out in 2 minutes after I messaged him.

Party on Saturday night was OK – Adam came along and Sandra wasn’t there (way more important that Adam was there). Adam came back to my place and the ‘usual’ happened – hehehehe. Would explain it in detail but you guys have heard it before – I’ll make up some new categories for yall to search my posts on Adam. Maybe that is why I don’t have a boyfriend – have sex with a guy 4 times and I’m bored.

Sunday was a quiet one and I went up for a ski and that ended up taking most of the day although it wasn’t that good.

Been really weird the last week or so – I’ve been concentrating on work lots and sex life (and interest in it) had gone down big time. For example – on Sunday I got up at 5am and started working!!! I worked all the way through till like 2pm straight – went for a run – then kept working until about 10pm. I’ve never done that.

And I didn’t wank at all on Sunday (had to this morning though – felt like I’d burst if I didn’t).

Well guys – I’m sorry to be so boring but I better get back to it – I promise I’ll come up with something creative tomorrow.

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