My 2nd time at the pool locker room.

I thought I better tell you about the second time I got caught masturbating in the locker room of the local pool. This time I was 20 and was different to my first time – click here to read about my first time and where I got this whole topic from.

So my second time caught masturbating in the locker room…. this time it was organised though. I had met a guy who had some done modelling for my site. I wasn’t at the modelling shoots but his boyfriend took the pics and emailed them over to me.

I kept in touch with Kieran (sorry that is his name) over the next 6 months or so – all via email and MSN Messenger. And then he and his boyfriend broke up. He didn’t seem all that upset when we spoke about it and he told me about how he had been looking forward to getting out and finding what he had been missing out on.

Sorry guys – this has taken me like 45 minutes to write. Housemates have some people staying for a couple of days and I’m in and out. I’ll promise to finish this tomorrow.

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