My Favourite Speedo Movie

Last week was pretty amazing…. Kip and I have a new movie server running which is awesome, I added 4 new movies totaling 2 and a half hours of play time and everything is running great.

Accordingly, it looks like it is what you guys want since last week was a record for new members on  Thank you guys for your support!!!

Since I’m in a good mood I’ve decided to share with you guys one of my favourite speedo movies, I added this movie about 12 months ago and it is something that I go back and watch pretty regularly.  Just a beautiful speedo blowjob caught on camera for you guys, the movie is 29 minutes in length and I’m going to let you guys watch the entire thing.

I understand there is free porn out there BUT, being a member of, costs $4.95 and unlike free porn, there are no pop-ups, no scams and the movies are full length in HD.  I think it is worth it and my members seem to think so as well.  If you have any question about being a member, drop me an email and I’m happy to answer any of your question –

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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6 comments on “My Favourite Speedo Movie
  1. swimmerbud says:

    One of my faves! Thanks for posting.

  2. Tiffani Lyn Love says:

    What a delicious pair of cocks. I wouldn’t mind sucking off the one doing the sucking. xoxo

  3. mbgay says:

    Oh so fantastic to watch.

  4. Slider says:

    Wow! That was hot, I luv sucking cock outside and by a pool and would luv to suck that stud. It would be hard not to swallow all that man juice. I got so horny over it I text a couple of guys and now I am going to get own load in my mouth and ass! Thanks

  5. Dave Evans says:


    That is awesome mate, glad this site has motivated you to slide some cock down your throat!!!


  6. Tiffani Lyn Love says:

    I definitely would want to swallow both. Damn, my dress had a bulge watching it.
    xoxo Tiff

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