My first naughty (aka sexual) post

Thursday 21st April 2005
Well this is the first erotic post that I am to make on the blog. This was the original idea of the blog but I honestly didn’t think that it would come (or cum) this quickly.

So now I’m sitting here and it is 4:30pm – I’ve been cleaning up old safety signs all day – which honestly isn’t even half of an honest days work but hey I’ll take it. I’ve been looking forward to writing this post now since about midnight on Monday night so I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the important parts of the story ready.

OK – so when I last left you – we were drinking in Brian’s apartment at the motel in town. Brad and Lauren (whom I was sharing a place with) were staying in a room which was about 50m away. Anyways we were drinking and I was playing some tuned on my laptop.

We kept drinking until about 10pm and then everyone was getting ready to head to a nightclub which was now stamped as the ‘Official SLCSP After Party’ location. The Official stamp was there because they were rumoured to be serving Bundy Rum (Bundy Rum is Bunderburg Rum – the best rum on the planet – the choice drink of half the Aussie male population). Anyways – everyone was pretty hammered and I was outside talking to this chick called Sam (she was outside because she smoked).

I was told later on that I had been introduced to Sam 3 months prior but she wasn’t anything special so I didn’t recognize her and to be honest – as she smoked she didn’t do anything for me. Might have been that she was carrying an extra 15kgs or so but since I’m carrying about the same extra baggage I’ll blame the smokes.

Anyways – so I’m outside no on my own and I’m 3 sheets to the breeze (ie – I’m pretty hammered but still in control). Brad comes outside – he is also 3 sheets to the breeze and we start shooting the crack (I think that is an Irish term that I have adopted – meaning talking shit I suppose).

Ow fuck – I haven’t told you about Brad and Lauren – OK – well I’ll quickly explain but once I’m finished I’m going to go and read the paragraph above and continue the story. OK when I rocked up at the resort I was looking for accommodation and I was given this number of Brad and Lauren. I called them – they had a 2 bedroom place in the right position at the right price and I arranged with Lauren to drop around their place later that afternoon. I rocked up with a bottle of Scotch and a bottle of white wine. They were a really kewl couple – Brad is 25 and finishing is masters degree is Sydney and Lauren is a stock broker for Merril Lynch but was doing some ‘research’ for 6 months. They had high speed internet and I had a wireless router which suited both Laurens work and my work with the Site. I learnt that Brad and Lauren had been going out for 2 years and they seems pretty much like the perfect couple – never saw them have any major arguments or anything like that. I suppose I better describe them – Lauren is a bit sorter than I am – say 5�7’, tight little brunette, small tits but she looks tidy in a bikini. Brad is a similar build and just about my height. He is tanned like Lauren (suppose living on the NSW north coast will do that to you without much effort). I got Brad in the spa in his speedos a couple of times and I had a hint that maybe he was shaved (like myself). When we were drunk a few times we’d head up to the spa (there were 6 in our building so you pretty much guaranteed privacy). Brad would normally wear boardies but a few times that I would say that I was ‘too lazy to put boxers on’ he was more than willing to wear his speedos in the spa. Everything ran pretty smooth in our house – I had my space and with my work on the Site I would spend a bit of my spare time in my room on the wireless net connection that Lauren had setup. Over the 4 months that I have been staying with them there had been absolutely so sexual tension at all. Not to say they Lauren wasn’t hot – I personally would have hit on Brad myself but he just didn’t seem like the guy and there is no way I’m the kinda guy that would mess with a guys missus. So that I think just about sums up Lauren and Brad I think.

So back to my story – Jesus this is beginning to take shape as my longest post yet – I’m outside our motel, I’m 3 sheets to the breeze and Brad and I are shooting the crack. We are talking about how good a season it was and how smoothly our house ran and Brad comes out with “You know Lauren wants to fuck you.�


Where the hell did this come from? I personally prefer blokes (I think) but since Lauren was Brad’s 2 year girlfriend I had never really looked at her that way at all. A million things are going through my head – mainly that I hope Brad won’t beat the shit out of me. Before I can say a word he says…. “And if you are up to it I’d love to be there if that is OK with you?�


As Brad said that he was kinda smiling. Was it just the alcohol? Because I was sobering up super quick!!! As if the first question wasn’t enuf – the second question. Was that meaning that Brad was happy to see his Lauren screw with another guy or was it something more? The little smile he gave was kinda indicating that it was meaning more but there was no other signs to me in the last 4 months.

Darn – I had been thinking now for about 10 seconds – I remember a debating coach of mine at school saying that you think 3 times faster than you talk so at the minimum I had been dead silent for 3 seconds. That is a bloody long time after a guy you’ve lived with give you the hint that he and his girlfriend want to fuck you.

“You guys have obviously thought it through – what do you have in mind?� Ow my god – how the hell did I come up with that response? That was awesome – and so quick I can’t believe it. Ow by the way with all this fast typing I’m on the 9th page of my word blog (which I’ll be copy/pasting to word press in a couple of days). Anyways – mind the change of subject but even after 2 full days I get excited about it.

So after my question about what they had thought of Brad gives me the details – holy fuck Brad and Lauren had obviously thought about this and planned it out. Brad tells me there is a hot tub (what we call a spa in Aussie Land) and a steam room at the motel. Brad says that he had jammed the second entrance to the spa (which is in an undercover building with the steam room) and it should still be accessible although the spa closed at 10pm. Brad then goes on to tell me that at midnight he and Lauren would be in the steam room and Lauren would be sucking him off and he hoped that I joined them and took ‘position’ from behind (not in her behind but do her in her pussy from behind).


I was speechless – keen – ow yeah I was keen (being in a ski resort for 4 months and being a small community there weren’t too many guys that I could pick out to have some fun with and if I wanted any girls they were few and far between). Man this sounded hot – the first thing I was thinking about was seeing Brad’s cock get sucked. The fact that I was supposed to be fucking his girlfriend of 2 years from behind was great but it was only second thought for me.

“What can I say mate – sounds hot to me. I’ll tell the others I’m walking to the nightclub so they don’t think I’m a pussy.� Ow Jesus – did I give it away that I really wanted to be the pussy and was thinking of nothing but Brad’s cock????

Then comes the bombshell!!!!

“That is fantastic man – we didn’t know how you’d take to it but we think this will be really hot. If you can wear those blue speedos of yours, Lauren reckons they are hot and if you could bring some of those flavoured condoms that I’ve seen in your room.�

And if that wasn’t enuf……

“I’m not used to the taste of cock and a strawberry one sounds pretty good to suck for me.�

Brad finished off with.

This is no bullshit hey. Why would I spend all this time writing it? The blue speedos that Lauren apparently thought were hot are a pair of AussieBum Loose Portsea’s ( they are a bit too big for me but I love wearing them and now as I sit here I remember wearing them twice in the spa when I wore speedos and not boardies. And yes – I do have some flavoured condoms in my drawer.

“Sure mate – I’ll be there at midnight.�

With that Brad walked back into Brian’s motel room to join the party. I stood there with my Scotch – absolutely stunned.

Well guys – I’ve got a hardon myself now so I’m going to leave the story after midnight until tomorrow. Time for a jerk off I think. Sorry.

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2 comments on “My first naughty (aka sexual) post
  1. male-one says:

    Mmmmm, I love speedos! ^_-

  2. Doc says:

    I loved this story lad, it gave me a hardon, and I wans’t even there!
    ‘Ndeed, I woulda been out of me mind, right? Your a lucky man to have him just come out and say that.

    I got two things to ask you….

    What happened!?!? I’m a curious bastard I know but humour me please mate.

    And two, how did you decide you were bisexual/gay? I’m really strugglin with that right now. I’m attracted to lads, but I’m not really into the whole label idea.

    Again, nice story mate, glad your here to write ;-).

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