Nathan Adrian

Kip and I had a great road trip over the weekend – the weather was pretty much perfect and it was great seeing a whole area of Colorado that I’ve never seen before.

We saw sand dunes, Colorado’s largest lake (Blue Mesa which is 50 something feet below normal), one of the largest Aspen groves in the world near Kebler Pass and some amazing waterfalls.

I might post some pics from the trip later this week.

However, I did just discover Nathan Adrian – yet another hot American swimmer – where did these guys come from?  It wasn’t long ago that I heard of Ryan Lochte (click here for some pics of him).

I don’t know much about him but he is a gold medalist, 24yo from Washington State.  What a cutie!!!

Speedo SwimmerNathan AdrianSwimmer Nathan AdrianSpeedo Swimmer Nathan AdrianNathan Adrian in Speedo

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One comment on “Nathan Adrian
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    Yes, I was rooting for him in the last Olympics because he is “a local” for me, as a fellow Washingtonian. And, he is cute, and deserves an extra shout-out because he wears Arena speedos, which are quite a nice variation to the usual/default speedos (as nice as some of those are…but, you never get the sexiest ones in competitive swimwear, alas…).

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