Need to Fuck the Married Guy

This morning I was lying in bed, horny, wearing my red speedos thinking I should jerk off.

Then I though…. I haven’t seen the Married Guy for ages.  Maybe I should save this load of cum in the event that I might need it later.  So I got out of bed, my erection straining the front of my red AussieBum speedos, went to the bathroom  Then I opened my back door and sprinted the 80 meters or so to the waters edge and dived in.  The sand felt cold, the water wasn’t too bad.

I swam out past the breakers, no swell at all because of the offshore wind.  There were a few people visible up and down the beach but not many at all at 7:15am on a Thursday morning.

By now my hard on had subsided so I walked back up to my little shack.  Usually I’d use the outdoor shower but this morning I went inside for a nice warm shower.  Ten minutes after getting out of the shower I am sitting here writing this blog post for you guys.

In a couple of hours I’ll text the married guy and see if he is up for a swim (or just a fuck) later today, although he might read this first.

How do you guys deal with your morning boners?  Usually I jerk off of course.

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