Needed to fuck, got it done!!!

I haven’t gotten laid since before Xmas – with a guest in the house, who was completely str8 having someone come around for a speedo quickie wasn’t really on the cards.

I’ve been catching up on some work stuff and I haven’t really even had a chance to Grindr it up but I haven’t been keeping it a secret with you guys that I have been dying for a fuck.  So yesterday, I got a text message from Tim (an old Grindr hookup who was Alex’s first threesome).

Tim said that he was dying to be fucked and I told him that sounded great to me.

I suppose I consider myself pretty versatile.  I love fucking and I love being fucked.  If I have restrained myself from jerking off for a day then being fucked can make me cum.  Tim told me via text that he really wanted to be fucked.

I had already jerked off twice yesterday morning because I wasn’t really expecting any sexual company so when Tim came around, I had him suck me off to get me hard and then I started fucking him.  I was super horny and hard as a rock but it took me ages to cum.

I started with Tim on all fours and me fucking him.  Then we did a kind of seudo sideways thing and then finally I fucked Tim with him on his back.  I was stroking his cock and he came just before I did.  I really can’t remember the last time I fucked someone for that long – lets say we did go through some lube and made a bit of a mess of my bed.

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One comment on “Needed to fuck, got it done!!!
  1. Ferdie says:

    Those guys can make a mess of my bed anytime they fucking like!

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