Off to the hot tub

Sorry guys – this post is a day late.  I thought I posted it but it didn’t go through before I dropped offline.  Things are going great and we are just heading out to dinner.  Hopefully I’ll post again later tonight and share with you what we got up to yesterday (hint hint – it involves the hot tub).


We’ve arrived at the hotel after a 5hr drive!!!  I thought it would only take 3hrs but it was snowing hard and the going was slow.  Thankfully Henry was driving – I don’t think we would have made it if I was driving.

The nearest town is only half an hour from the slopes so we picked up some supplies (mainly alcohol).

The hotel is just amazing – there is a HUGE indoor hotub/pool/sauna/gym complex which is where we are heading now.  Speedos only of course.

I’m horny just thinking about it – gotta get changed – talk to you guys later.

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