OK – I’ve got 5 minutes to write about last weekend

Hey guys – well finally I have 5 minutes to write about what I got upto last week with my first foursome (3 guys and a girl).

This might be cut short as I’ve got some house guests (who are currently having a shower and cooking dinner) so this will most likely be a several part post over the coming days.

August is mid ski season here and I have lots of friends in town as this is the best time to come skiing/boarding. Have a bunch of friends in town now (since Sunday) and they are leaving on Thursday and then I have some family flying in on Thursday which I’ll be looking after. Everyone is super kewl and they take me out for dinner and stuff but takes tonnes of time.

Also, I’ve been adding tonnes of pics and movies to the site which does get preference over this blog (sorry guys but I’ve gotta pay the rent somehow). And those who do love this blog – please help me out and join the site.

OK back to last Wednesday night – remember Nikki and Matt gave me a call and asked me to come over on Wednesday night to hang out with a ‘guy’ friend of theirs (who’s name is Bruce). After I last posted (here is the post) I had a shower and a shave (yes I do shave down stairs as well) I literally ran out to Nikki and Matt’s place. I was little late and when I arrived I was met at the door by Matt (only wearing his navy speedos and dripping wet). The three of them (Matt, Nikki and the new guy Bruce) were in the spa (hot tub)….

Sorry guys – gotta fly – will tell you more later tonight I promise.

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