Waiting for Alex to fuck me

All week I’ve been itching (figuratively, not literally – I’m sick of people miss using the word ‘literally’), to have my arse fucked.

Last weekend Surfer Chick told me that she had tried anal years ago and didn’t like it but she has been finding her arse to be more and more sensitive and when I played with her arsehole it got us talking and she said she’d like to explore some anal sex…. slowly of course.

Who better to teach a chick anal, than a guy who loves receiving anal?

I haven’t started Surfer Chicks training but it will go similar to Alex’s anal training.  Slowly and with lots of lube.

I’ve written about it over on BisexualDave.com if you are interested.

Since last weekend I’ve been dying to have my arsehole fucked and today Alex is knocking off work early and coming over.  I’ve turned the heat up in the house so we will be nice and warm and I’m thinking I might put on a jockstrap (I only have 1) and tied myself to the headboard of my bed and leave the condom and lube next to me.

He’ll be around in about 3 hours, do you guys have any suggestions?

Jockstrap Anal SexGay Jockstrap

Non-Speedo Weather

This darn cold weather is starting to piss me off.  Normally winter here is full of cool days (around 20C air, 18C water) but the last week or more has been brutal.  Why the hell am I here if I can’t get out in my speedos on the beach or in the pool?

I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a pool but my place, although small, is right on the beach which is way better than a pool.  And I’m not sure what I’m going to do this summer, I think I might head over and see Kip in Colorado again during some of the school holidays here, it is chaos here during Dec/Jan.  Me just thinking out aloud.

Well I hope those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying some Speedo Friendly weather.  For those of us who aren’t, well drop over to SwimmerBoyz.com and watch some of the new movies.  They should warm you up, at least the inside of your speedo.

Wet and HotSpeedo Body I WantBlue Speedos at the Beach

This is my kind of pool.  Pic is taken from a new movie on SwimmerBoyz.com.

Pool Jerk Off

Who has had a threesome?

I started blogging back in 2005.  It all started it because I had my first threesome and it was so amazing I wanted to share it with someone but probably not in a group email to my friends.

At the time I employed a graphic designer working for me and she had a blog and I asked her about it and set up this blog.

Back to my threesome, I’ve been a huge fan of threesomes ever since my first which you can read about here.

Today I came across a survey/study that an online dating site did on threesomes, I always think you have to take these survey’s with a pinch of salt but it still makes for fun reading.

Here are some interesting points that I took away from it:

  • 19% of people have had a threesome, that is 1 in 5 about what I would expect it to be.
  • 63% of gay males have had a threesome.  Again I think that sounds about right, I’ve had 3 times as many threesomes with just guys.
  • 22% of straight guys have had a threesome where only 11% of straight women have had a threesome.  This is definitely interesting but I’m not really sure what to make of it.

I wonder if these stats are increasing, it might be the people I hang out with but I feel threesomes and casual bisexual activity is far more accepted than when I had my first threesome 10 years ago.

Would love to hear your thoughts guys.

Three Guys in White AussieBum SpeedosGay ThreesomePool Threesome

Tattoo’d guy in white speedos

Just a quick post, one more of the guy from yesterday.  This time in white speedos.

Darn I love white speedos.

Muscle Speedo

Love These Speedos

I only really have one pair of ‘funky’/’fun’ speedos, my Turbos which you guys have seen a bunch of pics of (if not click here for an old post with pics of them).

Having a pair of funky speedos has been good as I did wear them to the beach one day when I was hanging out with a bunch of my str8 friends (both guys and girls) and people were able to laugh them off.  I haven’t worn them to the pool yet but I promise I will next week.

Check out this guy in his ‘funky’ speedos.  I think they are great, I’m not a fan of his tattoos but he does look sensational in those speedos.


Interesting SpeedoGay SpeedoColourful SpeedoFun Speedos

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