5 Days of Speedo Close Ups

Kip is leaving next week which is a bummer.  I think he is really loving it here but there is snow on the mountains in Colorado so I suppose we shouldn’t feel too sorry for him.

We’ve got a bunch of work to finish up this week so I’m going to post a speedo close up picture each day this week since we probably won’t have much to report.  Next weekend and early next week I have a few ‘naughty’ things planned…. if you have any ideas please let me know as well – hehehe.

Starting off Monday for you guys…….  make sure you let me know which one you like the most.

Pre Cum in Blue Speedo

Black Speedos – Simple Perfection

Today I went for a swim with Alex.  I’ve been a little slack lately but the weather has been great and with Kip here we’ve been doing some adventures on the beach instead.  We swam 2.5kms which was good but I really noticed having a few weeks off.  My arms are dead.

Both of us were wearing black speedos today, Alex a pair of black AussieBum classic and me a pair of black Arena speedos.  Yeah we looked pretty hot.

There are lots of pics of guys wearing black speedos out there and I thought I’d find some of my favourite pics for you guys.

Black Arena SpeedoBlack SpeedoBlack AussieBumBlack Speedo on Cute Guy

Real Man Wearing Speedos

This guy is looking pretty darn fine in his black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

You guys know they are one of my favourite speedos of all time.

Today I posted a pic of a chick wearing an ADIDAS bikini on my blog BisexualDave.com and she looks stunning if you are interested.

Real Man Wearing Speedos

3 Hours of Speedo Movies

Kip has just 2 weeks left here in Aussie, it is a bummer as I love having him here just as much as I loved spending time at his place in Colorado.

In the mean time we have a bunch of work to get finished up before he leaves and one of my chores this week is to format, upload and present over 3 hours of new speedo movies.  This morning I uploaded the first 2 scenes and they are really hot.  The first scene is 3 guys, one in black lycra speedos and the other two wearing jammers.

Below is a screen shot of the members area with all the new movies I’ve added just since Kip got here to Aussie.

I know you can watch free movie on tube sites and such but I can tell you that watching HD movies on a real site is worth the $5 to join.  No pop-ups, no viruses, no banners, full length movies, beautiful quality movies and I’ve watched them all so if you like my taste…. hahaha.

Drop on by and give it a try, if you have any questions drop me an email – DaveEvans@SwimmerBoyz.com

Speedo Movies from SwimmerBoyz.com


Outdoor Shower Sex

I remember seeing something on TV once about Richard Branson’s island having an outdoor shower, I just tried to find a photo of it and it is actually an outdoor toilet.  Maybe it has a shower with it but I didn’t find that, my rental here in Terrigal does have an outdoor shower….

I don’t think Richard will be getting jealous anytime soon since mine is more like a rusty old hose attached to the side of my house, ow and it doesn’t have hot water, it is just tap water.

It is used pretty much everytime I get out of the ocean to wash the salt water off, but this morning after I went for a quick swim, I was standing under the water wondering if I could fuck Kip in it.  It would have to be at a time when the neighbour girls aren’t home because if they walked out of their back door we’ve be in full sight.  Anyone walking along the beach would see us also…..

Hmmmm….. I think I’m going to have to have a think about it.  Maybe late one night when the girls are out but it isn’t quite that warm yet.

I’d also like to fuck Alex in the showers at the pool.  That would be hot.  I know Alex is reading this so hopefully it gives him some naughty ideas.

Shower Guys

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