Cute Turbo Speedo Guy

I found some more pics of the guy in the header.  He is gorgeous and I love the Turbo speedo he is wearing.  You guys know I bought that same speedo but I don’t look as good as he does in mine.  Saying that though, mine fit pretty similar, just a little bit too small.  They look and feel great when they are low on my hips but don’t allow too much room for my junk.

I still haven’t worn this speedo to the pool.  I might have to make an effort to get it out.

Turbo Speedo Guy AgainTurbo Guy

And here are some pics of him that I’ve posted before.

Turbo Boat BoyFun Turbo SwimwearTurbo Swimwear


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  Kip and I have been really busy with a new site ( and a whole lot of new movies.

Tomorrow is Bathurst (the equivalent of our Daytona 500 I suppose) and I intend on spending the entire day on the couch, with my laptop watching cars go round and round 161 times.

Speedo Lick

Licking Penis

A big part of the story that I got online a few days ago, I mentioned how I spent a lot of time going slow with Kip and giving the head of his cock a lot of attention.

I’ll admit that I prefer a guy (or girl) to focus on my shaft but it can be a nice change.  Once I cum though….. the head of my cock is SUPER sensitive.  I’m cut, I wonder if uncut guys are more sensitive?  Please leave a comment if you can shed some light on the topic.

Here is today’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ which seems rather appropriate.  The other pics are some Photo’s of the Day which will be posted in the coming weeks but I figured you guys could hand it…..

Licking the Head of a PenisLicking Cock Head - Beach ThreesomeCock Licking in SpeedosPenis Licking

Submit Your Red Speedo Selfie

Hey guys., I had an idea to post a bunch of red speedo selfies in a blog post next week.

If anyone would like to submit their own red speedo selfie that would be great.

I think I’ll give a weeks membership to my site to anyone submits a photo that I can publish.

Conditions will be.

  • Verifiable. So write on you or have a very recent paper in the shot.
  • Good quality. It has to be decent quality. If it is the size of a postage stamp I can’t use it.
  • Has to be a red speedo.
  • The more x-rated the better.

You can email me your pics –

Red Speedo Selfie

Birdie Beach + Kip + Stranger

Finally I got this story down on paper (well not really paper I suppose).

Last Friday Kip and I wanted to make the most of what I’m going to consider the first real day of summer.  We headed up to Birdie Beach and found a quiet spot and I sucked Kip off.  When Kip finished I realised that we were being watched by a cute speedo guy that we waved to on the beach about half an hour earlier.

It wasn’t a full on threesome but it was pretty hot.  The stranger (we never got his name) and Kip were both wearing black speedo brand lycra speedos and I was wearing a pair of AussieBum Portsea’s.

The entire story is available to members at – check it out.  It is only $5 and that includes 85 HOURS of speedo movies as well.  I think it is pretty good value and I work pretty hard on it.

Below is a screen shot from the members area.

Kips Beach Experience

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