Hawaii Speedo Student

The Hawaii Speedo Student made headlines back in 2010 when he posed for photos at his college wearing speedos.  It was in Hawaii (hence Hawaii Speedo Student).  He looked fantastic in his speedos but I think what got him in trouble was that he was jerking off…. maybe not too cool in a

Here is the newspaper article.

With the fame the Hawaii Speedo Student was scouted by a gay porn company and made a really hot porn video.  I bought the rights to the movie and you can watch it on my site SpeedoFetish.com – it is really hot and a movie that I personally watch maybe once a month.

I have been in contact with the Hawaii Speedo Student and Kip and I hosted his blog a few years ago.  From there I have a library of nearly 200 photos of him.

I think I should reach out and see what he is up to.  If he is still living in Hawaii maybe I should make a trip over…. just imagine what the two of us would get up to in our speedos!!!

Hawaii Speedo Student

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Super Horny

Do any of you guys get super horny when you are hung over?

On Sunday night I had nothing planned, just chill out, do a little work, have a light dinner, get to bed early and start the week on a good footing.  That didn’t happen.  Ended up having a bunch of friends over, the two neighbor chicks came over and I think the last people left around 2am!!!

It is funny how sometimes it is the unexpected/unplanned nights turn out to be the most fun.

Then on Monday morning I woke up to my house was a mess and I was a little bit hungover.  The opposite start to the week which I had hoped for.  I went for a surf (it was cold so I had a wetsuit on over my speedo), came back, showered and began cleaning up the house.

Finally I started doing some work but I was super horny.  I don’t know what it is but when I’m hungover, I am super super horny.

Speedo RopeSpeedo Bondage

Mesh Speedo

Have you guys ever owned a mesh swimsuit?

I haven’t but I wonder how it would effect my speedo tan?

Dietz SwimwearMesh Speedo

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Cute Aussie Speedo Guy

Long time readers of my blog will have seen pics of this Aussie Speedo Guy Shannon.  He is super hot and has been posting pics of himself looking amazing in speedos and AussieBums on and off for the last decade or so.

I think he is just gorgeous.  He was in London when I was there back in September and I reached out to him but he didn’t reply and we have never had any direct contact.

He did fuck the famous ‘Hawaii Speedo Student’ when he was travelling in the USA a few years ago and I have to admit to fantasizing about watching those two guys fucking in speedos.  I’ve also fantastized about joining those two guys in a speedo threesome – OMG, I’ve got a stirring in my speedos at the mention of that (click here to see pics of the Hawaii Speedo Student).

Anyways, I thought I’d share some photos of Shannon so you guys can get a stirring in your speedo.

If you are not a member, click here and for $5 you can be a member.  I really do love my members and look after them with all sorts of goodies.

Shannon Boh's Red SpeedoShannon Boh in Speedos

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Blog Design Work

Over the last month or so I haven’t been as excited about blogging, not a big deal, just a weird mood I suppose.

I do love it and want to get back in to it so the rest of the week Kip and I are going to dedicate some serious time to some updates.  I’m not 100% happy with the layout, which also got screwed up a little bit with a recent update, I want the members area to be a little easier to navigate with all the galleries, particularly the selfie galleries submitted by fans and my own selfies and make some of the member stuff just a little smoother.

Don’t worry, everything is still running smoothly and if you are thinking of joining, it might be a good time because I might be changing the price points.

Of course, SpeedoFetish.com is running at 100% and I really enjoy the site myself.  When I want to watch speedo porn, or if I want to put some speedo porn when fuck buddies are coming over I log in to SpeedoFetish.com.  I designed the site to be something that I like to use and it is pretty smick.

Keep me posted on how you find the updates to the blog and if something is offline for a few hours, swing by SpeedoFetish.com – today’s Speedo Photo of the Day is something that you should not have missed.

Speedo Photo of the Day Courtesy of SpeedoFetish.com

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