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How many of you guys remember the Hawaii Speedo Student?

I haven’t heard much about him lately and I hope he is doing great.

This morning while in bed, when I was just about to jerk off for some random reason I was thinking about him.  I kept thinking about him and within minutes I had to shower to clean up the mess.

There is a site which has all of his movies.  He made one professional movie which is 3 or 4 scenes and there is a bunch of amateur scenes that he filmed himself.  You can download them all for $1 over on the site SpeedoLads.com.

Speedo StudentSpeedo Student having gay sex

Speedo Perfection

I’ve posted these speedo pics before but I think you guys won’t mind if I post them again.

My God is this guy just perfect!!!!

I love that classic black speedo.  I think I need to stop thinking about him.  I’m off to the pool and I’m going to wear the same classic black speedo that he is wearing.

Black SpeedosBlack Speedo with Cock Out

Amateur Speedo Pics

One of my online buddies, Pat, send me through this photo today.

Pat and his girlfriend Penny (not their real names) have posted some pretty hot pics over on the SpeedoForum.org.

Pat lives in Denver, is 100% straight but loves speedo.  His girlfriend Penny loves Wicked Weasel bikinis and they have some pretty hot pics of them fucking while wearing speedos and Wicked Weasels.  Pat’s emails this morning he told me he was sitting in a hottub, wearing some white AussieBum Coolabah’s and some AussieBum boardies and about to fuck Penny’s brains out.

Thank you Penny for taking the photo.

Real Men Kissing in Speedos

I was just thinking about Alex dropping around last Friday….. I always wonder what we’d look like on film.

You guys know I’m not completely out to all of my family and friends so pics like this probably aren’t going to appear online anytime soon.  Alex is completely in the closet and not ‘out’ to anyone.

I remember growing up, my Dad telling me that the hardest thing in the world…. is keeping a secret.  He also told me not many people could do it.

There are a few people who know about my sexuality in its complete and sometimes complexity.  When it comes to business and these sites, there are even fewer people who really know about everything – I could count them on the fingers of one hand (not including the thumb).  I really value the confidence I have in these people.

You guys know I’d really love to show off some footage of Alex and I doing some naughty things in our speedos, it just isn’t happening.  Alex has given me his trust.  Alex knew all about this blog and had been a member of SwimmerBoyz.com before he told me his ‘secret’.  I hold that trust that he has given me dearly and it isn’t something I would ever break.

This has been something I’ve been aware of since I started SwimmerBoyz.com, I keep the information of members that join very close to heart   When it comes to Alex, I definitely keep his stuff close to heart so despite how many emails I get asking for pics of Alex and me fucking in speedos….. probably ain’t gunna happen.

I will admit, there are a few of my own discreet pics amongst the archives of SwimmerBoyz.com.

AussieBum Portseas

Day Hanging out in Speedos

Finally the sun is out here on the Aussie Central Coast.  I’m up early to watch the 2nd half of the Masters Golf, I don’t really watch much sport let alone golf but the Masters is pretty special.  I remember being in high school, up early watching Greg Normal choke and loose it.

It is a nice start to the week as well.

Today is looking like the weather might be better.  It isn’t like there has been no sunshine at all since I’ve been back but none of these gorgeous days with uninterrupted sunshine and no wind.  The water (ocean) temps are still pretty warm at about 22C but the air temp has been colder than that.

Since it is a nice day, I’m going to spend it wearing nothing but speedos.  Why not?  I might even see if there are any Grindr guys around later today 😉

If you walk past my house and you see me up sitting with my laptop wearing my speedos, come up and say g’day.  You should be only wearing a speedo as well though.

By the way I think that Jordan Speith is a cutie.

Lazy Speedo Guy

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