Big Weekend

How was your weekend guys?

I suppose the weekend isn’t over for everyone, Monday morning here but I’m watching a feed of the Denver Broncos game which I’m pretty sure is live.

My new Grindr profile didn’t result in any ‘booty’ but I had a great night out on Friday and have 2 potential girls to take out this week, one has already texted me so we’ll see how that works out this week.

Today it is a little grey out there right now so I think I’m going to settle into a productive Monday, particularly since I didn’t get much work done over the weekend.

So my question for today – when packing your speedos, are you cock up or cock down?

Cock Down in Speedo

This morning I was up at about 6 and I’ve been sitting here working all day.  I suppose that is only 6 hours ago but it can’t be good for my ADHD.

I have a project for a mate that was kinda due today so I’ve worked on that and then I’ve just finished a bit of an update on the speedo forum (  This was one of the domain names that the Evil Speedo Corporation stole from me, I think it was before.  With the new address I refreshed the layout which was a month or so ago.

Since I’m not very good at the design stuff I find if I publish something, then come back to it a little while later and do the final polishes it works.  Or, most times I realise I hate the new design and throw it out.

A couple of changes I made with the new layout/design was requiring people to be members to see the speedo photos – too many people were just reading that section and not contributing.  Turns out since I made that change a bunch of guys have joined and are contributing more than they ever expected which is great.

Join is 100% free but if you join, just email me your username so I can activate your account.

This arvo I have 4 new movies to add to, then I might have a nap for a couple of hours, but I’ve got a feeling that won’t happen.

Right now, it is time for a swim and walk down to town to grab some prawns for lunch (we don’t call them shrimp and I’ve never cooked a prawn on the barbie).  Hope you guys have a good Friday night.

Speedo Selfie/Cock Selfie

Now that Kip is gone I think I need to update my Grindr profile and see what kind of trouble I can get up to this weekend.

Does Grindr still not allow speedo pics?  I think that kind sucks but maybe I’ll get a pic of my red speedos just showing.

If I saw this guy on Grindr I’m pretty sure he’d get an invitation to cum over ASAP!!!

Maybe I’ll have Alex over on Friday afternoon and have him take some new pics.  Anyone want to see them?

Speedo SelfieCock Selfie

What turns me on about this speedo photo?

I’ve had this photo for a few weeks and although the quality isn’t that great there is just something about it which turns me on.

Here are a few ideas of maybe why this photo is such a turn on:

  • One guy nude and one guy in a speedo….. you know what is going to happen next.
  • The guy in the green speedo looks like he is already boning up.
  • I love where their hands are.

I’ll get back to writing about Kip’s last night foursome and today I’m also working on my line of DE Swimwear.  I’m pushing and hoping that I can get it live by Xmas.  I’ll be running some ideas past you guys to see what you want.

Speedo vs Nude

Speedo Wrestling

I’m spending my Tuesday working on the ‘wrestling’ section of a new site of mine.

I’m guessing that some of you guys like watching guys in speedos wrestle right?  We never had wrestling at school, I can’t imagine it would be at any Aussie school.  A whole bunch of movies and some great photo galleries is pretty much all I’m doing today for 12 hours or more.

Sometimes I wonder how I do it.

Check out these guys from one of the new galleries.  I really like the speedos they are wearing.  One is a speedo brand speedo and is the other a Nike speedo?

Guys about to wrestleWrestling in SpeedosGay Speedo Wrestling

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