I got just back from the pool and I banged out 2,000m – feeling really strong in the pool since I got back from Colorado.  Even though I only swam a couple of times in Colorado, living at 9,000 feet above sea level and snowboarding pretty much ever day didn’t hurt my fitness at all.

The speedos I wore to the pool, which I’m wearing right now…. they are the only thing I’m wearing right now as I write this post are pictured below.  A classic, blue AussieBum speedo.  When I bought them they were a little tight but over the last year or so I’ve slimmed down a little and now they fit perfect for lap swimming.

If anyone is in the neighborhood, I’ll be swimming tomorrow so you should cum and join me.

Blue Speedos

The Perfect Speedo Movie

You guys have to check out this latest addition to the movies archive over on SwimmerBoyz.com.

This to me is the perfect speedo movie, it has everything:

  • Beautiful young, fit guys wearing speedos.
  • The guys speedos look amazing and fit perfect.
  • The pool at this mansion is beautiful.
  • The guys suck and fuck each other for over 25 minutes!!!
  • Of course, the movie is in HD.

If you’d like to watch this – head over to SwimmerBoyz.com, click the ‘Join’ button and within less than 30 seconds you could be watching this movie and stretching the front of your speedo.

Soggy Sao

Finally the weekend is here – whoohooo!!!

Anyone have anything awesome planned?  Nothing much here, I got back from a surf with the boys, water is cool enough to wear a wet suit but the day is supposed to be glorious.

This last week was one of the most productive weeks I have had in ages – I was up early every morning, did at least 10 hours of work each day and I feel fantastic.  Stacks of new movies on SwimmerBoyz.com and one of them featured a guy having a ‘Soggy Sao’.

What is a Soggy Sao I hear you ask?

Well Sayo is a biscuit/cracker in Australia….

Soggy Sayo

Do I need to go into any more detail on what a ‘Soggy Sao’ is?

I don’t mind a load of cum down my throat (not something I enjoyed the first time but something I take pride in doing now) but I’m not sure I’d do the ‘Soggy Sayo’.  Anyone here done something like that?

How did I get onto this topic?  Ow yeah – new movies.  So one of the movies I added this week featured a bunch of guys fooling around and end up fucking each other.  It is a pretty hot movie and 5 or 6 hot young guys fucking…. what isn’t hot about that.  I think the premise of the movie is that the guys are all part of a swim team and they are initiating a new member of the team (there is another clip of the guys in black Calvin Klein speedos which was just as hot).  After these guys put on a 20 minute show of shagging their brains out – they all get around in a circle and jerk off onto a biscuit and make the new team mate eat it.

This might be a little too hardcore for me but 95% of the movie was just up my alley.

Here is a sample clip for you to check out and decide for yourself.

Soggy Sao

Speedo Pool Party Orgy

A month or more ago I posted on here that I was invited to a ‘Speedo Pool Party’ that a guy down in Sydney organizes.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it and I really wish I could have.  The guy who organized the party seems like a really cool guy and he was respectful about my own privacy and discretion.  Since I couldn’t make it, I asked him if he would like to share what happened at the Speedo Pool Party.

Here is his account of what they got up to…. there will be more to cum I’m sure.

Dave, I’m happy to contribute the below details of the meet (unfortunately now that autumn is here – the speedo concept / pool party is likely to be put on hold until we hit spring again).

Will change the names / location so that the group and members of the group are not identified.

The afternoon went as follows…

As the meet host, I sent an email to all the guys who had confirmed their attendance to the speedo party on the morning of the meet. Proceedings kicked off with us all meeting in the beer garden of my local pub (let’s say at Bondi)… as some of the guys are not out, the pub of choice is a straight pub to avoid any anxiety such a meet might bring on. So 2pm rolled around and the guys turned up one by one at the designated meeting spot in the pub. Some had been to previous meets so were more comfortable than the newbies attending for the first time. Thankfully the sun was out and it was warm enough to enjoy a beer with each other to put everyone at ease… of the regulars, Kenny, Ben and Stewart were there along with Michael, Pete and Mark and myself. (I can go into more detail about each fellow perhaps in another edition!)… Brett, Brad and Kyle were the newbies… I knew this party would be one to remember… this collection of guys were hot… Brad was the last to show up at the pub and boy were we excited to meet him… he is a surf lifesaver at a local beach and had the perfect Aussie beach body, blond hair and tanned bod… I had seen pics of him in speedos prior to the meet so knew the other boys would be excited to meet Brad. Kyle was also a hit with the lads, tall, olive complexion with a gym-toned physique. No doubt each of the guys were sizing up each other and wondering what might be under each of their shorts.

Speedo Guys

We agreed to leave the pub around a half hour later as the guys had a drink or two under their belts. The last member to join us was Johnny – he was too shy to meet us in the pub so he met us in the street up the road from the pub. Being 25 and the youngest member of the group, Johnny was very anxious about how the afternoon would go. My apartment was a short 5 minute stroll from the pub. On arrival at my pad, we would strip down to our speedos as the sun was shining and the boys were keen for a splash around in the pool in my apartment complex. Some guys had their speedos on already under their shorts… some of the other guys changed in to them in my apartment… just about all the guys looked gym-toned to various degrees. This was going to be fun.

Brad had a bod to die for. He looked so chiselled in his blue surf lifesaving speedos. He filled them out well too… I gave him a playful tap on the backside as we were about to head poolside… Johnny was the only one to wear boardies – he was scared of the water temps impacting on the size of his manhood 🙂 Kyle looked hot in his black adidas speedos (white stripes on side)… Stewart wore a pair of red speedos (stitching down the middle of his bum crack) and was a keen swimmer so looked great with his swimmer build. Ben, Pete and myself all wore traditional black endurance speedos… mine with the drawstrings neatly crossed outside of my speedos (don’t particularly like tucking them inside my speedos)… each of the lads brought a towel and thongs and we headed out to the pool… we agreed to go for a quick swim and come back soon after for more beers & fun… some of the lads were quickly in the pool… fortunately there were no neighbours out in the pool area so we had the space to ourselves… some of the lads were just keen to sit poolside and work on their tans with their feet in the water… the sun was out and the temp would have been around 25 celsius… the pool temp was actually a little bit cooler given that we had just moved into autumn.

Guys in Speedos

Might leave it there for now and provide the next installment in a couple of days… you have got me horny writing about this now!! Would love to see it posted in your members area and many thanks for the membership offer to your website. Just let me know what I need to do to sign up 🙂

Some of the above guys are meeting again next weekend with some more newbies (probably pub session then straight to one of the guy’s pads for some play)… so happy to perhaps continue with the above story and then write about the next meet… interested to hear your thoughts… as I said, not likely to have another speedo pool party until probably Sept/Oct but will try and get a speedo theme for the next event I host.

Muscle Men in Speedos

You guys know I love corrupting straight guys and speedos have been a pretty good tool for this.

With that in mind, I think you can understand why I love this speedo sex movie…. 2 masculine, muscled, str8 guys in speedos who end up doing some very very gay things.

Another great movie for you members – click here to join now.


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