Riding Kip

It is nice to have a real cock in the house to ride whenever I want.

You guys might remember that I bought a butt plug set a little while back.  Well, I will admit, I have been using them pretty extensively when jerking off.  Like pretty 90% of the time.

It did get me wondering though, and I wanted to ask you guys about this…..

Are you afraid that your masturbation techniques and tools can ruin/diminish your real sex life?

For example, with all the anal stimulation I’ve been getting with these butt plugs, I’m pretty sure I won’t cum as quick from a blowjob without someone playing with my arse.

I’m sure it is easy to fix, just give it a day or two break and I’ll be sooooo horny it won’t matter.

It might sound like I get laid a reasonable amount but I think that is because I share it with you guys, I still jerk off over 95% of the time.

What do you guys think?

Gay ChairGay Sex ToyGay Chair Sex Toy

BYC – Back Yard Cricket

Kip made it safe and sound and I had a great Friday night in the big smoke.

Yesterday, Sunday, the boys were about and we had an afternoon BBQ and some BYC, back yard cricket.  The back yard at one of the boys houses looks just like the one in the pic below.

No speedos but some short shorts that some of the guys love wearing.

It was a great afternoon and Kip can’t believe that even my accent sounds thicker here compared to when I left Colorado back in February.

This week it is supposed to be pretty cold so I might start looking at a ski trip down to Perisher…. whoohooo!!!!

Ow – and Alex was around as well and got along fine with Kip….. I think something between the three of us will happen this week.  I will keep you guys posted.  Actually, tomorrow I’ll post about what I got up to in Sydney.

Back Yard Speedo

Kip is on his way

I’m pretty sure Kip is already on his way!!!

  • From door to door I figured out it is about 40 hours of travel for him.
  • Breckenridge – Denver International Airport
  • Denver International Airport – San Francisco International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport – Sydney International Airport
  • Sydney International Airport – Dave’s place on the beach!!!

He is arriving Saturday morning so I’m going to drive down to Sydney this afternoon, spend the night in the big city with an old gay friend of mine (he isn’t old, he is an old friend from growing up).

Should be an interesting night actually, I’m sure my old gay mate will take me out on the town since it has been a while since I’ve been in civilization (those snooty Sydney folks don’t think us beach people are civilized).  Although I’ve never fucked this guy, he is single and he lives in a studio overlooking Hyde Park and there is only one bed……

I’m sure Kip will be tired by the time he gets up to my place so me being fucked hard the night/morning before might give him a reprieve before we get it on.

Speedo Porn StarsGay Porn - Three Speedo Guys

DE Swimwear on Ebay

Quick notice for this post – I’ve listed my DE Swimwear on Ebay – click here to see it.  I only have size large available but this is the first time in years they have been available to the public.  If you are a current or past member of SwimmerBoyz.com email me for a free pair otherwise check them out Ebay:

Back to today’s post.

Yesterday I caught up with Alex at the pool.

He is super excited about Kip arriving and all the fun that the three of us are going to get up to.

Today at the pool we got caught in a conversation after we got out of the water.  I wonder what other people think at the pool, not that there are many people about at midday on a Wednesday.  Both of us were wearing black speedos (Alex in his nylon AussieBums, me wearing a pair of lycra Arenas).  Even though we were just talking Alex had his towel around his waist but I’m a little more of a show off and I just had my towel over my shoulder.

If I saw two guys hanging out like that, I would be following them into the changerooms, slipping a note in their bags at the pool or even slipping a note onto their car.

I’ve never actually done those things, have any of you guys ‘stalked’ a hot guy you’ve seen at the gym or pool?

Graffiti SpeedoSwimmer CoupleWhite Speedo Guys

Speedo Grinding

Totally random post – can 2 guys scissor?  Like the lesbian ‘scissoring’?

I would think it is more ‘grindring’.

I posted some ‘scissoring’ pics on my bisexual blog, BisexualDave.com last month if any of you guys are interested….. click here.

Scissoring in SpeedosSpeedo Scissoring

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