Between Alex’s Legs

I heard a very interesting story last night about my str8 fuck buddy Alex…..

One of the guys was telling me about how the crew went for a ski trip a couple of years ago (they were staying at the Station Resort in Jindabyne which I’ve stayed at on high school ski trips).  Turns out Alex and his girlfriend went home instead of partying and someone came back to get something from a shared hotel room.

Turns out my mate glanced in the window before he walked into the hotel room and saw Alex getting a blowjob from his girlfriend.  Apparently, Alex was wearing a black speedo and his girlfriend was wearing a black thong (nothing else).  It was pretty funny hearing this from a str8 friend who obviously doesn’t know that I’ve been on my knees in front of Alex in a similar position.

My str8 mate who was telling me this story was pretty hammered and I told him that must have been hot (Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot) and he agreed.  Told my that it was one for the ‘wank bank’.

I wonder if I can use this towards getting Alex to open up to his girlfriend about his ‘gay’ side?

Sucking in Red SpeedoSucking Green Speedo Guy

Massage Erection

The topic of massage came up yesterday sitting around the BBQ with the boys (my str8 mates).  I think it started when one of the guys, again, he is 100% str8 as far as I know (he thinks I’m 100% str8 too so I suppose that doesn’t really matter), anyway this guy mentioned that he gets at least one professional massage a week, normally after a big gym session.

I am a huge fan of massages in the bedroom, I’ll admit this has worked well for me with the ladies in the past.

But going to strangers for massages just isn’t my thing.  Like the guy in the picture below, I’m always trying not to get a boner and because I’m trying not to get a boner I’m always told that I’m very tense.  Hahaha – chicken and the egg right.

I remember a few years ago being at a friends wedding and her Aunty was this hoot of an old lady who ran a proper massage place in a big casino here in Aussie and she was joking about the number of guys who would get an erection while getting a massage.  This lady was around 70yo and she said she thought it was good for her ego that she could still get a rise out of guys in their 20’s.

The consensus among most of my buddies during our Sunday afternoon session was the same as mine.  Love massages in the bedroom, kinda uncomfortable elsewhere.

Would love to her what you guys think.


Classic Black Speedos

The new additions to my speedo collection are pretty hot and I can’t wait to show them off in the bedroom to Alex, Kip or anyone else who is interested, they aren’t really pool friendly.

I suppose the red Arena speedos would be OK, I might try that next week, but the Turbo’s are a little too funky and from a distance, someone who isn’t as familiar or as passionate about speedo fashion as I am could mistaken them for underwear.  And I think it goes without saying that the black lycra g-string isn’t an option for lap swimming.  I think it would fall down anyway since there is no draw string.

So, my usual pool attire is a pair of black speedos and yesterday at the pool Alex and I were both wearing classic black lycra speedo brand speedos.  I don’t want to blow my own trumpet (I’ve tried, I’m not even close) but the two of us were talking out of the pool after our swim wearing only our speedos and it must have looked really hot!!!

If only people knew that we are both going to fuck Kip’s brains out next week when he arrives…. and we’ll all start off wearing speedos of course.

Normal Black SpeedosPlain Black SpeedosNormal Black SpeedoPlain Black SpeedoPlain Speedos

Darn Facestalker

FacestalkerI have a personal account on Facebook (friends with my grandparents, cousins etc).  I think it is fun but I’m not addicted to it by any stretch of the imagination.  Around Xmas I decided I’d create an account to promote my site and a place to post a little more like this blog.

Last week Facebook deleted my account and now I don’t have access to the pages I created.

They took it down for a single very PG-Rated photo.  I know they have decency rules and I thought I was playing ball but obviously not enough. It was funny the number of complaints that people filed against me for similar photos and Facebook always rejected them which I thought was great.

Ow well.  I’ve created a new profile.  Not sure how much I’ll use it but it is somewhere to chat with people if I’m bored.  Feel free to ‘friend’ me guys.

I also have a Twitter account which I’ve had for ages but I still don’t really get Twitter…. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old.

Alex’s Tan Lines

Turned out that Alex did come for a swim today which was great – and I must say that after a huge weekend of partying, I finally feel great.

One thing I noticed today was how good Alex’s speedo tan is looking.  No more of those pastey white thighs and back of legs.  I think my speedo tan is the best it has been since I was a kid and it is probably just the time we’ve been spending in the pool because I haven’t gotten out for much time of just lying on the beach reading a book.

I think it is really hot.

I think it has only ever happened to me once when I picked up a random guy and he had a perfect speedo tan.  He wasn’t wearing speedos but just knowing that he was a speedo fan was a plus.

Take this guy for example…..

Amateur Speedo Tan

I don’t think my speedo tan will disappear this summer because we have so many beautiful days here on the coast and I’m going to keep up my swimming all winter.  Kip arrives next week though and he’ll definitely need some work on his speedo tan.

Some more speedo tan eye candy for you guys.  You know who had a great speedo tan?  The Hawaii Speedo Student – click here to see some of his great pics.

No Speedo TanSpeedo TanningTanned Butt

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