Friday’s Foursome

I’ve had an awesome day today, a bunch of work, I fixed the first 5 new movies on (I had a complete brain fart and screwed it up when I uploaded them – thanks to Kip for fixing it for me).

I have begun to write up the story of Friday’s Foursome.

It was amazingly hot and I’m really bloody horny so it is taking a little more time than usual….. but it will be worth it.

Here is a snippet for you guys – as usual, those of you who are members of get the goodies first and are reading some of this right now.  Those guy who are happy to part with $5 are the ones that keep this blog free so I think we should all thank them.

I’ll post more of this tomorrow.

Blog Fan started the x-rated things off by talking to Alex about his new gay experiences and talking about how much he was turned on by reading about it. This topic had all four of us starting to bone up. Then the Blog Fan moved towards Alex and put his hand on Alex’s arse. He was kind of waiting for approval from Alex and Alex faced him and starting kissing him – I think that counts as approval. Both these guys are good looking and looked great in their speedos.

With that kind of show going on Tim and I retired to the couch to watch. On the couch I was rubbing my now very hard cock through my red speedos and my left hand was rubbing TIm’s now very hard cock through the white lycra of his speedos.

FoursomeGay FoursomeFour Speedo Guys

Foursome is on!!!

I just woke up and it seems like the perfect day for a foursome.

A little overcast so not really a beach day, and both Alex and Tim are in for a speedo session at my place later today (2pm).

Should be fun and the Blog Fan is particularly interested in playing with Alex – he is a member of and follows this blog and he followed my exploits of breaking Alex in and this afternoon he’ll get to play with Alex himself….. although, not all by himself.

If you missed some of the stuff about Alex, here is a link to what I wrote about our first time, Alex’s very first time.

Will post more later guys.

Blogging got me laid…. today

Today’s hookup with the ‘Blog Fan’ turned out even better than I had hoped.

Around 11am, the day was gorgeous, the tide was going out and I noticed the Blog Fan removing his shorts and lying down just outside my place. I was pretty ready so grabbed a towel and went down to join him.

As promised, I wore my red Arena speedos and he was wearing the same speedos he was wearing the first day I saw him.

Since we had been talking online for a few days things were pretty comfortable from the get go.

After an hour or so of chatting and just hanging out in speedos I asked the Blog Fan if he wanted to come up to the house for a beer.  He was keen.  We both showed in my outdoor shower, my neighbour girls were at work all day so I didn’t have to worry about them interrupting us.

We walked inside and the Blog Fan said that he wanted to change into something dry so I pointed him in the direction of the bathroom.  I grabbed a couple of beers and he came out wearing a fantastic jock strap!!!!

Bumless Jockstrap

That is pretty much when things turned x-rated.  For the next 2 hours.

Jockstrap Sex

You guys know I love fucking Alex and helping him explore his newly discovered ‘gay’ side has been fun, but sometimes it is nice to have someone who has more experience than me at fucking.  The Blog Fan definitely took the lead which was fantastic.

I did get a face load pretty early in our 2 hour fuck session.

Speedo Blow - Cumshot

So where to from now?

Tomorrow the Blog Fan has work meetings all day and we both might need a little time to recover.  But on Friday the Blog Fan has said that he read about Alex both here and the full list of stories on and would love it if Alex could join us for some fun.  I haven’t heard back from Alex yet and I’ve also asked Tim if he’d like to join us.

Could be an interesting Friday afternoon.

This isn’t the first time I’ve hooked up with someone I’ve met through this blog and hopefully it isn’t the last.

Speedo Friend

So I’ve been talking to the Blog Fan who is coming up to the coast tomorrow and going to be up here through the weekend.

He seems like a really nice guy.

We are going to meet where I first saw him tanning, right outside my back door.  He is going to wear the speedos he was wearing when I first saw him and I’m going to wear my red Arena speedos.  I just hope the neighbour girls are at work that day.

Any other suggestions apart from wearing red speedos?

Red Speedo HunkSpeedo Porn

Blog Fan

On New Years Day I awoke to a beautiful view from my kitchen window, it was a masculine, 30yo or so guy, tanning, in nothing but a speedo about 15 paces from my back door (click here to read that post).

That day a couple of things went through my head and one of them was wondering if this guy had read my blog and figure out which house was mine (it does kind of stand out and I have given enough hints about it since I moved in).  I intentionally didn’t mention the type of speedos the guy was wearing as a little bit of a test if anyone claimed to be him.

Turns out I was right.

The guy is from Sydney and his parents have a home up on the coast and on New Years morning everyone in his house was hungover so he came to the beach and thought he knew which house was mine.

Unfortunately, that day I had a mate come around and we watched the cricket so I couldn’t go down and introduce myself.

So the Blog Fan is coming up to the coast this week and is keen to catch up.

He was gorgeous. A real man, a little older than me but looked great in his speedos and I think it could be fun.

AussieBum AthleteBlue SpeedoBlue Speedo Man

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