One more time with Alex and I

Amanda, the American chick, just left and is headed south towards Melbourne.

I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that she had an awesome time and yesterday she had another threesome with Alex and I.

I had something fun in mind so Alex and I both wore a pair of my AussieBum Portsea’s.  It was these speedos after all that I had my first MFM bisexual threesome in so it was a little nostalgic.

Alex and my speedos

Cumming in Speedos

I’ve been meaning to ask you guys, how often do you cum in your speedos?

Normally for me it is a once a week thing but lately I’ve been doing it a lot more.  Probably because of all the new speedo movies I’ve been working on, I get pretty worked up and it is a mess free way to finish.

As you guys know, I wear speedos pretty much all the time and when I’m sitting around the house working I’m only wearing speedos.  So lately when I’ve been watching speedo movies, I just rub one out in my speedos.  It feels amazing and if you haven’t done it in a while you really should.

During summer I would just go for a swim in the ocean to clean them but being a little colder I just throw them in the wash these days.  It is handy having 50 odd pairs of speedos to choose from.

Would love to hear your feedback on whether you cum in your speedos much?

Speedo ErectionWhite Speedo BondageBlack Speedo Jerk OffStretched SpeedoCumming in White Arena Speedos

Speedo Licking

This morning I woke to the front of my speedos being licked……

First part of the American chicks three with Alex and I is now online at

This first photo was the 24th “Speedo Photo of the Day”, today is the 1,038th.  That is kinda cool.

Speedo LickingSpeedo Licking

Alex’s First Threesome (with a girl)

If someone put me on the spot and asked what my most amazing sexual experience has been – I’d say my first MMF threesome (click here to read it).  It was that threesome with some roommates where were a guy/girl couple that caused me to start writing this blog.  It was such a hot experience for me that I wanted to share it with someone, anyone and I hope you guys have been enjoying it ever since.

Last night might top that first threesome experience of mine.

Sunday was a lazy day, sleep in, chill out watching the Aussie Rules (football).  Different people dropped in and out during the day, ended up having a poker game later.  Pretty boring kind of day until it was just the American chick, Alex and myself.

The American chick brought it up that she had read about Alex’s “coming out” over the last 2 years or so now and she thought it was pretty cool.  Alex was embarrassed and I was about to change the topic of conversation in order to deflect but it was then that the American chick said that she wishes she was as brave about sharing her deepest fantasies.

I think I should shut up and see where this part of the conversation was going.

Then the American chick dropped a bombshell…. she’d love to have a threesome, with 2 guys.

So that is what we did.

I took a photo of the aftermath……  I was wearing my red Arena speedos and Alex had borrowed my black ADIDAS speedos and was wearing them.  Condoms are empty because she wanted Alex and I to cum on her.

Sexy Weekend Threesome

American chick was on her college swim team so has a little bit of a lycra/speedo fetish as well and she was wearing a blue, speedo brand, one piece.

You guys get to read about my sexual experiences from my perspective (which I think you like) but I thought that maybe you would like reading about this experience from the American chicks perspective?  I raised this with her today and she said she would love to!!!

She’s going to hang out this week a few extra days and she is pretty excited to write about her threesome with Alex and I.

I can’t wait to read her take on this and she will be writing it so that I can share it with you guys.

Dave the Tour Guide

Late night blog post from my couch.

The last few days have been fun playing tour guide to the American chick.  She is a good sport and I think she is having fun.

Friday BBQ went down well but unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great.  Tomorrow (Sunday) looks like a shocker, windy, cold and raining so it looks like the American will get a taste of some Australian culture…. sitting around watching sport and drinking piss all day – for those who don’t know, ‘piss’ refers to alcohol.

There was an interesting admission from the American chick tonight but I know that she reads this blog and her friend from Colorado reads this blog and she might have been a little tipsy so I’m not going to mention any more just yet.

One thing I haven’t mentioned to you guys is that I’m going to the US at the end of the month. Some good friends of Kip’s are getting married, I’ve met them a few times and they were nice enough to ask me, I think maybe they didn’t expect that I would accept and fly all the way over.  The main thing I’m heading over for is the bachelor party which is on some lake down in Arizona/New Mexico which sounds like a blast.

It will also be my first gay wedding – I’m not sure if that means there are 2 bachelors or if someone is playing the roll of the bachelorette?  I’m not sure how to broach that subject but I’ll find out one way or the other.

I’ll tell you guys more about it closer to the date but I’m excited, I’ve never been to North America during their summer and it will be interesting to see Breckenridge during the summer as well.

OK, time for sleep.

Jet Skiing in a SpeedoBoat SpeedoBoating in Speedos

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