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Alex and I Cumming

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  • April 10, 2015

Last night I finally got Alex alone and I’ve got a feeling that he has been missing sucking cock while I was away.

Ever since I got back to Australia I have been looking forward to seeing Alex and so far things just hadn’t lined up. I’ve had a couple of swims but he hasn’t been able to make it. I was starting to think that maybe he wasn’t interested in his ‘gay side’ but those fears were well and truly put to rest yesterday.

Alex texted me about 4pm and asked if he could drop by on his way home from work. My response was rather positive as you can imagine.

When Alex knocked on the door about 20 minutes after I received his text I opened it wearing nothing but my red arena speedos. There wasn’t much foreplay and as soon as I shut the door I was taking off Alex’s work slacks revealing a black lycra speedo. It is sooooo hot thinking that everyone that Alex met during his work day didn’t know that he was wearing speedos.

I was dying for Alex’s cock so I pushed him down on the couch and went to work sucking his cock. It didn’t take long and Alex was unloading in my mouth.

I couldn’t hold back any longer so I straddled Alex on the couch, pulled out my cock and jerked off all over his stomach.

He had dinner with his girlfriends parents so couldn’t hang around and was out the door in about 15 minutes total.

Yeah it was pretty hot. I think we need to catch up for a more thorough speedo fuck session.

What do you guys think about these speedo blowjob pics? The first pic is an old pic that I have seen before, years ago, it isn’t the best quality but I love how they are both cumming!!!

Speedo Oral SexSpeedo Oral

Speedo Photo of the Day

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  • April 9, 2015

You know if you are every looking for some hot speedo photos….. drop over to my site and check out the ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’.

Here are just a couple of the pics from last week.  It is 100% free –

Speedo Photo of the DaySwimmerBoyz.comSpeedo PhotoPhoto of the DayGay Photo of the Day

Speedo Model Shoot

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  • April 7, 2015

This week working on my line of DE Swimwear is on my list of things to do.  It is moving forward although a little slower than I would like.

When I see photo shoots like the pics in this post it helps my motivation for sure in the hope that one day I’ll be able to organize shoots like this!!!

I’ll keep you guys posted on how the DE Swimwear stuff develops – hopefully I’ll be able to offer them by the end of May, just in time for the northern hemisphere summer.

Gay ModelsGay Speedo Models

This pic is from the same photo shoot as above, all the guys look sensational but I think the guy in the middle, wearing the red speedo looks the hottest…. maybe it is just the speedo though.  What do you guys think?

Speedo Models

Pink Speedo Selfie

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  • April 6, 2015

The is a site that I’ve run for over 5 years now, not exactly sure how long.  The Evil Speedo Corporation has stolen a few domain names off me so it has changed but these days it is running really well.  There is a great bunch of guys over there and the conversations kind of run themselves.

It has also become a great place for guys to post their speedo selfies.  The guys are all really positive so even if you aren’t quite at your speedo best…. you’ll be sure to get some great comments.

Here is a speedo selfie that was posted last week:

Hey y’all! Been awhile, but I finally went for a swim at my university’s outdoor pool since the sun and weather is real nice here in California!

Took a pic in the locker room bathroom after my swim… can’t wait to for hotter weather and better tanlines!

Joining the is free.  You can go over there and check it out but the ‘Speedo Photos’ forum is restricted to members and guess what?  Membership is free too.  Just sign up and shoot me an email ( so I can activate your account.  I had to put that process in place a few years ago because of spammers on the forum.  A little bit of a pain but well worth it.

Hope to see you guys over there and see some of your speedo selfies.

Pink Speedo Selfie

Speedos at the Pool

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  • April 3, 2015

Why didn’t anyone tell me this was Easter weekend?  I had no idea until yesterday morning that it was Good Friday.

So it turned out Friday wasn’t very good for me at all, no swim with Alex, no sex with Alex and the weather is still rotten!!!

I did get to the pool on Thursday though, being a crappy day I swam for ages and I am still feeling it two days later.

One of guys in town has invited me to Easter breakfast but otherwise I don’t have too much on this weekend, how about you guys?  Is there any speedo weather anywhere in the world?

Swimmer in SpeedosSwimmer in the PoolSwimmers BodySwimmers Butt