Speedo Movies Update

My taste in porn is often a reflection of my own experiences or fantasies – although maybe it is the opposite way around and my taste in porn influences my fantasies and real life experiences.

Either way just before I left for Colorado Alex and I sucked each other off in the change room (lockerroom) of the local pool after doing some laps.  Not my first lockerroom experience and it wasn’t Alex’s either.

It is kind of naughty and the thought of being caught makes it even more naughty and exciting.  With that in mind I went looking for some lockerroom speedo movies and I found a couple of great movies which I’ve just finished processing and adding to SwimmerBoyz.com.

The first scene is two guys, one wearing red speedos, the other wearing black, sneaking into the lockerroom hoping for some privacy.  Little do they know that there is a guy jerking off in one of the showers.  After watching for a while, the third guy joins them.

That hasn’t happened to me yet but if anyone is interested please let me know.

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Speedos with a belt

Kip and my speedo shopping didn’t really come to much yesterday.  I kind of want some new Turbo speedos but they are darn expensive.

I’ve never owned a speedo with a belt or even seen one in the flesh.  How about you guys?

I have seen some cute bikinis with belts though.

Does anyone know who makes this speedo?

Speedos with a belt

Someone posted some pics of these Dietz speedos which looked interesting.  Not sure I could really wear them at the pool for some laps and I’d be interested to see what they did to my speedo tan.  I’ve never owned a pair of Dietz speedos either.

Dietz SwimwearDeitz Speedo

Blue Speedos

Today Kip and I are going to do some speedo shopping.  I think I need a pair of blue speedos, any suggestions on what I should get?

Blue Speedo on Beach Classic Blue Speedo

Last Round of Surf Club Guys

I know I’ve been posting a bunch of pics of surf club guys but I think you can sympathize with me since I’ve been hanging out with 2 clubbies from the Southern NSW Coast.

You guys don’t really mind do?

These are the pics that I haven’t been able to post and I promise these will be the last pics of surf club guys for a little while.

Surf Club GuyRed Speedo Life GuardPaddle Boarding in a SpeedoLIfeguards in Red Speedos

3 Aussie Foursome

Last night went pretty well as I expected – the Aussie’s came around after dinner and along with Kip the four of us started in the hottub with all of us wearing speedos.

Kip’s hottub isn’t that big and there was no getting around some unintentional contact between the four of us which quickly turned into intentional contact between us.  We kind of paired off with Kip and one of the Aussie’s and me with the other.  After we were all feeling a little more relieved we just chilled out in the hottub for a while, speedos still on surprisingly.

As we got out of the tub I kinda wanted to fuck the other Aussie that Kip had been playing with earlier so we ended up going into my room.

It was the first time I’ve been fucked since last Friday and the fivesome and it felt great although I did need a week to recover – hahaha.

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