Hottub, Scotch, Sex Routine

Staying at Kip’s our usual routine is to get into the hottub about 5pm, it is just getting dark here then and that is our first adult beverage for the day (otherwise we might start drinking at midday).  The last 3 days we’ve been in this routine, if we snowboard we are usually home by 5pm and if we are working we are obviously here.

But…. two guys having a drink in the hottub, we only ever wear speedos of course, after a couple of things things normally end up with one or more of us getting an erection and since we have a fuck buddy in the hottub we usually fix that erection.

After we have fucked or sucked each other off we generally have a shower and start cooking dinner.

I’ll be here for another couple of weeks if anyone wants to partake in our afternoon routine.

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Jacuzzi Anal

Guys in Speedos

How was every ones Valentine’s Day?  Nothing really special here, although Kip and I are work colleagues, we are fuck buddies we aren’t really ‘boyfriends’ so we didn’t do anything special like that.  Actually, come to think about it, I can’t remember having a boyfriend or a girlfriend over Valentine’s Day.

We had a little bit of snow last night – 10 inches which is exactly what I gave Kip in the hottub last night (5 inches twice – hehe) and we got out for first chair this morning and we are back in the office now.

I mentioned that I was going to wear my new ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos to the local pool here last week.  I did, nobody recognised me or wanted to fool around in the change rooms afterwards but I’m pretty sure I got some looks when I walked out to the pool wearing nothing but my speedos and a pair of goggles in my hands.  When I walked back into the change rooms after swimming 1 mile (72 lengths) it was really busy and I know that I got some looks from some guys.

I’ll admit, I did love it and only hope I inspired some of these American guys to speedo it up as well.

OK guys, I better get back to the grind.

Beach Speedo Boys5 SwimmersShower Time in SpeedosRowers in Speedos

Speedo Foursome (movie)

As I promised yesterday, here are some screen shots of my latest speedo movie.

This movie is really, really hot.  Four guys, two couples so no real foursome action but they are all wearing speedos.  Who would have thought, four hot young guys hanging out in speedos leads so some pretty hardcore oral and anal sex.  This 25 minute movie ends with lots of cum… but that is the benefit of the pool, no cleaning up.

This 25 minute long, HD movie is amazing.  If you are a member of my site, head over and watch it right now.  (If you aren’t a member of, you can click here and join now for just $4.95).

Pool FoursomeGay KissRemoving SpeedosPulling down speedosJerking off in speedo g-stringGay gstring blowjob

ADIDAS Speedos Today

Hey guys, sorry for not posting much this week.  Kip and I went on a little road trip which I’ll have to elaborate about and since we didn’t have net access for a couple of days we’ve been busy little beavers catching up on stuff.

Now I’m back and settled in.  I think we are going to skip snowboarding today and just work which is fine with me, I love my work.

I have a really hot new movie which I’ll be making live later today and I’ll be publishing some screen shots here for you guys.

And, today I am planning on going for a swim at the Rec Center.  I will be wearing my new ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos so if anyone recognizes me say g’day.  Lately I have been loving the 3-stripe, they just fit me perfectly.

OK, I’ll post more later today guys.

ADIDAS Swimwear

My first ‘casual encounter’

Last night I had my first ever Craigslist ‘casual encounter’……

Kip and I did end up emailing the guy who posted on Craigslist that he wanted to hookup in the locker rooms of the Rec Center.

This was his actual post….

CL Casual Encounter

 The guy, I’ll call him Andy, sounded pretty cool.  He also likes and ownes some speedos.  Andy is in town for a couple of weeks from Texas and his family own a condo here.  After some back and forth including sending photos (members can see the actual photos – click here to join).

Yes those are pics of me in my new Turbo speedos.  I’ll be taking some more photos of them over the next couple of days.

Dave 'Speedo' EvansAussie Speedo Guy - Dave Evans

So we agreed to meet Andy at Napper Tandy’s (weird name for a pub right) and told him to be wearing his speedos under his jeans.

Kip and I headed out pretty late and the bar was really busy.  We had organized to meet Andy at 11pm and when we saw him he was even hotter than in his pics.  He is a little bit older than Kip and I but he was really fucking hot!!!

We had a drink and then Kip and I were both pretty keen to get him home and check out his speedos so we all decided to head out about 15 minutes after meeting each other….  Kip’s place is a 5 minute walk from Napper Tandy’s.  As we walked in the house Kip explained that he has a ‘speedo only’ policy and the three of us stripped down to our speedos.

Kip was wearing the new ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos that just arrived.

ADIDAS Speedos

I was wearing the Aussie Turbo speedos pictured above and Andy was wearing a pair of classic lycra speedos.  And wow did Andy look amazing in them!!!

Black Lycra Speedos

We moved into Kip’s kitchen to pour some drinks to get into the hottub and all three of us were already starting to get hard.  While Kip poured 3 ‘Breck Bourbons’ (from a local distillery) I reached out and started rubbing the front of Andy’s speedo, then we started making out.

There was no more ‘semi-erect’, we were both rock hard in seconds.  We kept making out until Kip interrupted us and handed us our drinks.

We headed to Kip’s hottub…..

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Now it is Super Bowl time – go the Broncos!!!!

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