Blue Randomness

How was everyone’s weekend?

Busy one here just working.  Kip is having some hassles with his house in Breck so I’ve been doing some work and research for him, if anyone here is a lawyer would love it if you dropped me a line, his lawyer is out of town on vacation so not quite sure what is happening just yet.

On a brighter note though, here is some blue speedo randomness.  Yes, I am wearing blue speedos right now and although it is a little overcast I will try and get to the pool at some point today.

Blue ADIDAS SwimwearNice Blue SpeedosSpeedo AdjustmentBlue Speedo GuyAussieBum Portsea

Speedos and Footy Shorts

After yesterday post regarding footy shorts I was doing some surfing and found this sex scene between a guy wearing footy shorts and a guy wearing speedos.  Looks like they are both AussieBums and his shorts are a lighter blue than mine.

I still prefer speedos but this is pretty hot.

Aussie ShortsFooty Shorts and SpeedosAussieBum Footy ShortsGay Rimjob Speedos and ShortsFucking in Footy Shorts

Footy Shorts

There is something funny here in Aussie, or maybe it is just the guys that I hang out with.

Although everyone wears speedos at the pool, under wetsuits and under boardies.  Nobody wears speedos at the beach or just hanging out.

Then, the guys wear tiny footy shorts all the time resulting in more than the occasional eye full of testicle.  They are rugby league footy shorts which are super short and normally in their team colours.  Some of the guys will go and get changed into their teams footy shorts when they are playing.

I was thinking about this over the weekend and I remembered that I have a pair of footy shorts from AussieBum which I haven’t worn in ages. They are a little small but they are nearly as revealing as a pair of speedos.  Next time the boys are over to watch footy (probably Friday night), I think I’m going to wear them with my white DE Swimwear underneath.

My Shorty ShortsMy Footy Shorts

Speedos are still hotter though don’t you think?

Footy Shorts

Great Tan Lines

Just a quick post today guys, a friend sent me through this photo and I think it is awesome.

Ow and I heard that Thorpey (Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe) came out.  Really?  I’m always the last person to hear about these things and I thought he was already out.  I had no doubt in the world that Thorpey was gay 10 years ago or whenever he was at the peak of his swimming career.

Everyone knows, nobody cares.

Tanlines in Speedo

Speedo Selfies

Here is a couple of speedo selfies that are pretty darn hot if you ask me.

I’ve been thinking of a way for guys to post their own selfies on the blog and it is something Kip is looking into.  In the mean time though, you can post your speedo selfies, and check out a bunch more at  I created a topic a few weeks ago and it has had a pretty good response.

The topic is here:

Speedo SelfieSpeedo Selfy

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