Two guys is just as much fun

Busy day lined up here guys so I thought I’d post some speedo randomness.  And instead of just one guy, why not two?

Fit SpeedosPink SpeedosBrazilian Cut Speedos

Tiny G-Bangers

I’ve seen some really hot g-string photos around lately.

I’ve owned a couple of g-strings but not many and right now I don’t have any in my speedo/underwear collection.  I think I should change that.

What I’d like is a lycra, thong with a drawstring – anyone got any ideas where I could pick something like that up?

Tiny GString GuyG-String SpeedoGstring Bikini

Waterpolo Guys are soooo hot!!!

An old blogging friend of mine Brenton took these pics for a Sydney waterpolo team.  Brenton has been blogging on his blog Aussielicious for maybe even longer than I have been which is crazy since I started this blog back in 2005.

Kip has Brenton’s blog on our servers and Brenton has always been the nicest of guys – funny enough we’ve never met in person though which I hope to rectify.

Brenton took these pics and allowed me to post them….  anyone else want to take up waterpolo?

Brenton’s blog is

Waterpolo SpeedoWaterpolo SpeedosWaterpolo Speedos

Alex’s First Threesome

Finally I’ve finished writing about this experience. I admit it was sometimes ‘hard’ and more than once while writing about this I got so horny that I had to relieve myself and come back to it later.

Alex took Friday off work and my Grindr hookup Tim joined us at a nude beach for Alex’s first threesome.  It turned out to have a few ‘firsts’ for Alex.

I’ve decided to make this entire story available to members of my site  It is those guy who allow me to keep this blog 100% free and I really appreciate their support.

You can join for $4.95 and read all three stories about my time with Alex, and watch 85 hours of speedo movies as well – I think it is pretty good value.

Even if you aren’t interested in joining you should drop in and check the site out.  I built it as a site that I like to use so there are no pop-ups or crap like that, it is just about good quality speedo porn.

Thanks for all your support guys and enjoy.

Alex's Threesome

Sore after being ‘touched’

I mentioned briefly last week that I was asked to play Touch Football (tag) with some of my crew here.  I haven’t played football since high school and I was horrible at it back then.

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape.  I go for a run once a week, I’m swimming 3 times a week, walking a bunch but holy cow did I pull up sore this morning from touch football last night.  I’m going to put it down to the sprinting and start stop which I’m not used to doing.

The only positive to take away is that it is a ‘good’ sore.

This afternoon I’ll finish up writing about Alex’s first threesome, hopefully I’ll be able to post it for you guys tomorrow.

Anyone want to come around and give my legs, thighs and butt a massage?  Happy ending expected of course.

Speedo MateSwim Team in Speedos

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