Friday BBQ

Tonight I’m having a BBQ here at the house, the neighbor chicks are coming, Alex is coming as well as the rest of my Terrigal crew.  Just a casual BBQ and watching the Bulldogs/Eels (2 Sydney NRL – National Rugby League – teams play).

St. Paddy’s day was yesterday and I was well behaved but I might not be tonight – hehehe.

I think Alex is planning to stay but some of the other guys probably will too so I’m guessing we won’t have a chance for a quickie and it should be interesting with Buffy (neighbour chick) hanging out as well.

Now in a perfect world, Alex, Buffy and I would be doing this later tonight……

Speedo MFM Threesome Poolside

How do you cum?

How do you jerk off?  I would love for you to share your jerking off method (leave a comment below this post – you don’t have to leave your email if you don’t want to of course).

When I first started jerking off in my early teenage years I used to dry hump a pillow with a satin pillowcase.  This was how I first ever came actually.  Back then, I just didn’t have the hand/cock coordination to enjoying stroking my cock.  Now, I just stroke my cock without lube 90% of the time.  I do have a fleshjack but I find it is too much of a mess.  When I jerk off I usually do it into a pair of speedos either on my tummy or if I’m on my knees I’ll cum into the speedos.

I probably jerk off into the speedos for 2 or three days then either wash them or wear them under my boardies and just jump in the ocean.

Today, I have been particularly horny and thinking about Alex sucking me off yesterday on the beach is fueling my jerking off.  I have been jerking off into the red arena speedos that I wore yesterday when Alex sucked me off.  Alex reads this blog but I might text him and tell him anyway.

Cumming in Speedos

Very Public Sex

When your fuck buddy has the day off what are you to do?

Today Alex had the day off (I’m not sure why – I should have asked him) so we put the surfboards in the back of his ute (Australian for truck/pickup) and headed in the direction of Birdie Beach.  On the way up we stopped at the Shelley Beach Golf Club and grabbed some lunch.  I don’t know this part of the coast all that well and Alex had some ideas.  We ended up not quite making it to Birdie Beach and went for a surf somewhere a little south.

There was nobody about which was awesome and after a few hours in the water we came back in.  The idea to come back in was that since there was nobody at all on the beach, I wanted Alex to suck me off right out in the open.  You have to remember that Alex’s gay side hasn’t been acted on for very long and he is not out to ANYONE except me.

Alex said he was keen so that is exactly what we did.  We were both wearing boardies with speedos under them so back on the beach, I put my surfboard down as well as my boardies.  I was getting pretty hard with the thought of this and Alex wasted no time pulling my cock out the leg of my red Arena speedos and started working my cock.  It was pretty amazing standing on this beach in the daylight with a str8 acting guy sucking my cock for the entire world to see.  Just the thought of being caught made me cum a little quicker than usual and with both my hands holding the back of Alex’s head I made him take every drop.

Being the nice guy that I am…. I then let Alex fuck me which he did with gutso!!!

Beach BlowjobGay Beach Sex

Can a butt get tighter?

I completely forgot to tell you guys that Alex did ‘drop by after work’ the other day.

Since I left for Colorado (a month or more ago now) Alex did have his own Grindr hookup, I’m so proud of him, but it was oral only so it has been 4 weeks since Alex had a cock in his arse.  Is it possible for an arse to get tighter?

Maybe it was just in my head but when Alex got on all fours in my bed…. his butt was super tight!!!  I had to relube it just to get in and he was moaning.

This week Alex has Wednesday/tomorrow off work so I think we are going to go for a surf up at Birdie Beach and some outdoor anal (and oral) activities will be included.  I might see if I can find a third to join us if anyone is interested.

OK, bed time for me – talk to you guys tomorrow.

Speedo Fuck

Nude Beach Day

I tell you guys what, I love the winter and I’ve had a few in Canada and New Zealand and I’ve had a great few trips at Kip’s place in Colorado over the last couple of years but…. I’m definitely a beach boy.

Yesterday at Birdie Beach was just perfect, nobody around, in and out of the water just soaking up the rays.  This morning, I’m sitting at the kitchen table doing some work (writing to you guys), drinking coffee, wearing nothing but a pair of new speedos (I’ll tell you guys about them later in week) and once I hit the ‘publish’ button on this post I’m going for a surf.  That is my kind of day!!!

And, Alex told me that he’ll swing by after work for a ‘drink’ – hahaha, we all know that is code for anal sex right?

OK guys, since I was in my white speedos yesterday, here are some tastey white speedos for you guys to feast your eyes on.  I own a pair of those Arena speedos in the first photo… they are a snug fit but I’ve lost a bit of weight while being away so I might have to wear them today.

White Arena SpeedosWhite SpeedoWhite SpeedosWhite Speedo Bulge

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