Stretching Lycra

I really am horny as all hell today!!!

I suppose after Alex being a cock tease on Friday night it could be expected.  I’m going to get on Grindr and see if anyone wants to have a Sunday evening shag.  Two guys would be even better of course….

And since I didn’t wear my white speedo solar to the pool last week – I’ll be wearing them tonight.

Speedo SolarBlack Speedo Close UpADIDAS Boner

Cock Flash

Last night was the usual shenanigans, the Swans won (that is the Sydney Swans Aussie Rules Football team for those of you not in Aussie), so the boys were all flying by the end of the game.  Ended up talking to a really nice chick who is a big snowboarder and I got her number – I’ll ask you guys for some advice on how to play that later in the week.

There was an interesting development with Alex though, while at my place I was walking to my room to get something and Alex was walking out of the bathroom and he gave me a cock flash.  Hahahaha – it was discrete and very cheeky of him.  We haven’t had a fuck session in a week and it was a bit of a tease.

Alex’s girlfriend joined the crew before we walked down to the pub so there was no chance of any hanky panky.

I think that I might have to teach Alex a lesson in being a tease….. I know he reads this blog religiously. Perhaps I should demonstrate to Alex that it isn’t that hard for me to find a fuck buddy…..

I haven’t spoken to Tim in a few weeks, our last time together was when we had a threesome with a fuck buddy of his who was a little drunk (click here to read that post).

Cock out of Speedos

White Speedo’d it up

Over the last few weeks I’ve really appreciated all the comments you guys have been posting.  As I write this post (my 2,062th) there have been 6,787 comments and I can say that I’ve read every single one of them.

Yesterday was no different when I posted about wearing white speedos to the pool for the first time.

It was a cold, overcast kind of day and there were 2 other people in the pool and nobody else the whole time I was there (a bit over an hour).  An Olympic sized pool looks pretty big with only 3 people in it.  So in the end, nobody noticed and nobody cared.

Usual Friday afternoon here, I’m going to have some prawn sandwiches for lunch, then by 6pm I’m guessing the boys will be around to watch the Swans play Hawthorne (Aussie rules) and then we’ll end up at the pub I’m sure.  I just got a text from Alex saying that he’ll be around for the game a well which will be good since I haven’t seen him since earlier in the week.

I spoke with Kip and he said that there is 20″ of snow forecast for him this weekend – holy moly!!!

Pool Speedo

Can I wear white speedos to the pool?

I’ve had a great morning today, I got up early, jerked off twice, walked down to town and grabbed a pie for breakfast and I’ve got a bunch of work done.

Now I’m about to head off to the pool for a swim.

I’ve just got to decide what speedos to wear.  Normally I go with a black or navy pair of Arena speedos, or my ADIDAS three-striped black lycra speedos or a black AussieBum classic speedo.

However, I do have a white speedo solar (the small one with the 1″ sides, a pair of white AussieBum Coolabah’s and a pair of white AussieBum lycra speedos.  Why don’t I wear a white pair today?  The Coolabah’s are ruled out because they are a bit too see through when wet.  The speedo solar are tiny so that leaves the white AussieBums.

It is overcast and cold so there probably won’t be too many people at the pool so I’m going to try it.

Wish me luck guys.

White Tight SpeedoHot White SpeedoSpeedo Undies

Tom Daley

It feels like it was just yesterday when Tom Daley ‘came out’.

In honor of him doing that I made him my 600th ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ over on my site

I wonder how Tom is doing with his new ‘outness’?  I really hope his family have been supportive, I know you guys, the guys who read my blog are supportive of him.

I wonder if he’d give me an interview?

Here is some more pics of Tom looking absolutely gorgeous in his speedos.

Tom DaleyTom Daley Blue Speedo

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